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Is It Time To Update Your Sales Team Tools?

Is It Time To Update Your Sales Team Tools?

by Paul Ziliak

Is your sales team still relying on yesterday’s tools to try and close deals at the speed of today’s business? Are they going to client meetings with catalogs that were printed 9 months ago? Do they have to call customer service to find out the status of an order or to check inventory levels? Then maybe it’s time to update your sales team tools.

Printed product catalogs, price sheets, clipboards, flip phones and the like all have a permanent place in the museum of business tool relics.  Mobile is the new standard for growing small and mid-sized businesses. In fact, mobile may be the greatest thing to happen for manufacturing and wholesale distribution sales reps since the invention of the assembly line. Few technologies for business have the far-reaching impact on the quality of your work and your company’s bottom line of a mobile sales app.

With a smartphone in virtually every business person’s pocket these days, it’s wise for your organization to take advantage. If your sales team hasn’t gone mobile yet (or if you’re considering a new solution), here are some important considerations to keep in mind.

How your sales reps will benefit from a mobile sales app:update your sales team tools

  • They’ll be better prepared with fingertip access to up-to-the-moment customer and inventory data.
  • They’ll have the right information to guide prospects’ and clients’ buying decisions and close deals faster.
  • Customers and prospects will sense your sales team’s competency, increasing their trust.

How sales executives will benefit from a mobile sales app:

  • You can open new revenue streams by providing a version of your mobile app direct to end user customers.
  • A mobile sales app opens the door to time savers like bar code scanning, credit card swiping and other kinds of efficiencies.
  • You’ll be miles ahead in terms of sales administration by reducing errors and eliminating the time customer service would otherwise spend entering and correcting manual orders.
  • By taking advantage of geo-aware devices, you’ll see improved accountability within your team.

Moving forward

Over 90 percent of the mobile sales automation projects xkzero has implemented over the past several years have been for companies that previously relied on yesterday’s business tools and processes. They contracted us because they realized they could be increasing their revenue and opportunities at a faster rate. Representing the entire spectrum of manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries, they have one thing in common: once they switch from paper and manual processes to an automated mobile solution, they never change back!

About the Author

Paul Ziliak is co-founder of xkzero, which specializes in Sage ERP integrated mobile sales, route sales, and direct store delivery automation for small and mid-sized manufacturers and wholesale distribution companies. Contact Paul at 847-416-2009, by email or on Twitter @PaulZiliak.




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