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Key Business Touchpoints Improved by ERP-CRM Integration

We talk about how integrating CRM with your existing ERP system can create a efficient, super-charged platform for improving effectiveness across all areas of your business. Let’s take a closer look at the specific areas that can be enhanced by an integrated system.

CRM integrated with ERP enables a 360-degree view of your business

For the Top 13 Benefits to your Sales Team – and Your Bottom Line – of Integrating CRM with Accounting, check out the full list.

1. Sales:

  • Quick and accurate responses to customers with information at the fingertips of the sales force (orders, shipments, payment history, returned product, and pricing)
  • More time selling vs. researching
  • Ability to quote using the pricing and inventory from ERP
  • Increased productivity through quote to sales order automation
  • Increased focus on customer cross-sell via better visibility to prior purchases

2. Operations:

  • Quote to sales order automation; increasing productivity by reducing errors through higher data accuracy in production builds
  • Less reliance on sales team for order status; increased productivity
  • More effective forecasting

3. Customer Service:

  • Visibility into customer products and purchases; improved support
  • Quick and accurate responses to questions
  • Sales to process improvements reduce order fulfillment cycle
  • Customer relationship strengthened as customer feels more valued

4. Finance:

  • Automation of new customer entry from CRM to ERP with appropriate finance review before insertion into ERP
  • Visibility into pricing throughout the system; greater control combined with higher accuracy and less financial review

5. Executives:

  • Improved alignment of teams
  • Dashboards and visual performance reports
  • Better productivity through mobility.

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