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Listening to your system – what is it trying to tell you?

How do you know when your data is trying to tell you something?

Most companies rely on reports – reams of them. Chances are, if you poke your head into an executive’s or manager’s office these days, you’ll see their head buried in a report. But that’s not listening to your data’s voice – that’s searching for it.

And not many companies can afford to have their staff spend hours a week searching for the occasional anomaly – which is all too-often missed due to “more important things” on a employee’s to-do list.

Depending on what data you’re tracking and what you need to know, your data might want to tell you such things as:

  • “Hey – you need to re-order part #100-ABC . . . “
  • “Ahem – you might want to remind Acme Inc to pay for that overdue invoice . . . “
  • “Excuse me – did you know that this order has a 23% discount on it . . . ?”

In order to give your data a “voice”, you first need to identify what you might want it to speak with you about. For example, you might not need your data to tell you when a shipment has arrived on time, but you might want your data to tell you when a shipment arrives either early or late.

To begin to listen to your data, you must identify those data conditions which should drive decisions within your organization.

For the eight (8) types of data conditions that you should consider and much more about becoming a data-driven organization, read The Data Driven Organization from Don Farber, co-founder of Vineyardsoft Corporation, the makers of KnowledgeSync.

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