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Living in the Cloud

Living in the Cloud

Just two weeks ago Google Glass was announced as a project that has been in the works at Google. This is the wearable glass with or without lenses that can record your perspective of the world around you. Google is betting on the fact that we won’t want to pull out our phones any longer but will want our video and data transmission sent straight to the cloud.

At Google’s conference there was a skydiving extravaganza that showed the real perspective of sky divers as they hovered 1500 feet above the Moscone West building in an airship before jumping out and landing safely on the roof.

Take a look at some of the footage leading up to the event a few weeks before where they were testing the device.

It seems that more and more of what we do will be living on the cloud. Five years ago we wouldn’t think of letting go of our day to day systems and having them not installed on our physical site. Now we enjoy the privilege of having the availability of the systems everywhere and anywhere.

We saw this coming, which is why we created blyMobile, which allows you to have access to your Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 or MAS 200) system whenever and wherever you want.

This is also the reason we starting picking up additional products in our portfolio like Netsuite and SugarCRM. Both of these products allow you to have access anywhere and everywhere, and the pricing options reduce your cost of a traditional on-premise solution.

When it comes to the cloud it isn’t necessarily better or worse than on-premise solutions, it is a matter of preference, needs and access. A strong vendor can assist you in selecting which products are right for your business. Check out this white paper that may be able to assist you in the process, or let us know if we can help!

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