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Managing the Flow of Content

In physics, there is no action without a reaction. In business, the technologies that make business progressively more able and effective correspondingly have created a counter situation that relatively few have yet been able to deal with successfully: the ever-increasing volume of structured and unstructured information that is developed daily within their own organizations and which arrives or is available via email and fax, the Internet, and various other external sources.

The variety, amount and formatting of this information is even more diverse – documents, images, graphics, web pages – virtually anything that can be recorded in any way on any media is now available for capture, storage and use.

When business records were simply a matter of paper document storage in file cabinets, information management was clumsy but straightforward. With the plethora of information – call it content – now available, the process in most cases is still clumsy but hardly straightforward.

Content exists on various media and is developed through a variety of internal and external sources, many of them totally isolated and thus useless in the overall corporate mission.
This information management challenge has resulted in a new sector of the technology industry: Enterprise Content Management, or ECM. Most of the technology companies that sell solutions for resolving this issue have addressed the requirements of large and complex corporate entities with equally complex solutions that are heavy on the features and require serious capital outlay, both for the initial purchase and for the subsequent implementation. Think hundreds of thousands – even millions of dollars.

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