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How are manufacturers and distributors using social media?

Companies of all sizes and types are turning to social media websites to enhance their profiles and connect with customers, partners, and employees. We recently asked our online community how they were making use of tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to grow their businesses.

Organizations are using these tools for various functions:

  • For news distribution: Facebook fan pages, Twitter, Youtube
  • For customer support: Twitter
  • To discuss products: Twitter, Youtube
  • To connect with prospects and potential employees: LinkedIn

Before getting started with social media, it helps to take the following steps.

  • Monitor social sites to see where relevant conversations about your brand or niche are happening. Find the places online where your customers are active, and get involved.
  • Determine your social media goals. Do you want to build better relationships with existing customers or find new customers? Are you open to providing customer support via social media, and do you have the resources to do that?
  • Get buy-in from the boss. Share metrics about how social media activity benefits your business and get support from your company’s leadership. Validating the value of social media will help you get others involved and improve your company’s online profile.
  • Be authentic, and be patient. The essence of social media is transparency. Represent your company as a human being, not a “brand,” to build trust. And keep at it…it can take time to get traction, but the connections are worth it.

For more tips on getting started with Twitter, read our eNews story “Why Twitter?”.

Is your company using social media to spread the word?

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