How To Make A Business Case for Marketing Automation
How To Make a Business Case for Marketing Automation

How To Make a Business Case for Marketing Automation

SEO. Mobile Marketing. Social Media. Marketing Automation.

There are plenty of buzz words, trends, and fads that constantly hit the business world in waves.  After the swell of hype dies down, tried and true practices emerge as gold standards.  It used to be that much time needed to pass in order to uncover those nuggets.  But in today’s fast-paced, technology fueled environment, those gems are uncovered more quickly than ever.

One of those such gems is Marketing Automation (MA).

As technology continues its’ rapid evolution, so does consumer and client behavior. Today’s buyers are empowered with more information than ever before. So how and when marketers reach their prospects and existing customers with their message is critical.  It has forced a change in the way we market.

This is likely the thought which has brought you to consider Marketing Automation as a solution. It can help your company navigate the modern customer landscape with a great deal of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Now if only you could convince the executives!

If you find yourself needing to create a compelling case to your executive team so that they’ll green-light the investment, follow our four tips to creating a compelling business case.

1. Explain The Basics of Marketing Automationmarketing automation

Talk about the essentials of marketing automation by answering these questions for your audience:

  • What is marketing automation?
  • How is MA different from CRM or basic email marketing?
  • How are other businesses in your space using MA?
  • What is the value?

If you need some extra research to bolster your presentation, has a very comprehensive explanation.

2. Use Data to Support Why Your Company Needs MA

You’ll have to paint a vivid picture so that your Executive team can see your vision.  Pull out some of your own data and show the potential Marketing Automation can have for your business.  Relate to specific challenges and how an MA system will help you solve issues you are having around:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales funnel management
  • Campaign optimization
  • Quality of leads
  • Resource optimization
  • Data and analytics

By painting a vivid picture, you’ll be affirming why Marketing Automation is a necessary investment.

3. Dig A Little Deeper

executive meetingFacts and figures are great, but that’s not what is going to make your Executive team “buy” the idea you’re selling them.  You are a smart marketer so you know that all buyers make a purchase based on emotional reasons.

So put yourself in their shoes and challenge yourself to think of how Marketing Automation will benefit their areas of responsibility. How does MA tie into their (work related) emotional needs?

  • The CEO: how can MA help propel the brand closer to “household name” status?
  • The CMO: how can MA help produce more high-quality leads that convert faster?
  • The CFO: how can MA help increase revenue without increasing head count?
  • The CIO: how can MA keep the stakeholders sufficient without increasing the IT teams workload?
  • The VP of Sales: how can MA help their team identify the prospects most likely to buy?

What does the executive team need to know in order to make their decision? Think about it from their perspective:

4. Be Prepared for Questions With Resources

Be prepared for questions you might not know the answer to off the tip of your tongue.  Have a short list of resources on hand so that your Executives can take deeper dives at their leisure.  Resources that can help fill in the gap include:

  • Information on service providers such as ActOn and Marketo.
  • Case Studies.
  • Reviews, Reports, & Blog articles.
  • SEO Results: Access it free here.

Do you need more help building your case? Access our free Business Case Guide HERE.

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