Infor Contour: Your CRM Data On the Go! - Infor CRM v8.3.04

Meet Infor Contour: Your CRM Data On the Go!

Meet Infor Contour
Infor CRM
is a versatile tool that can help you create excellent customer experiences whether you’re working in the cloud, on-premise, or on a mobile device.  Whether you are identifying new leads or staying current with existing customers, you need a complete view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams.  Infor CRM’s latest update includes Infor Contour.  It is designed to help you and your team teams collaborate effectively and be agile enough to quickly respond to sales opportunities and customer inquiries with the right business intelligence at your fingertips.

Meet Infor Contour for Mobile!

InforContourScreenInfor CRM has launched their latest version, Infor CRM 8.3.04 and with it, came the introduction of Contour helping you work on the go and geo-target particular accounts and clients. Contour the way you access account and client information from your Infor CMR. With Infor’s Contour, information is geotagged on the map providing details you need to plan a day full of client events or access directions immediately. The mobile feature uses the “Accounts near me” a feature based on the mobile phone’s GPS coordinates to perform a Contour distance search on all Accounts within a 500-mile maximum distance.

Infor Contour Mobile Features

Here is a quick check-list of Infor Contour’s top features:

  • See customers nearbyContourMap
  • Search start points
  • Real Time information
  • Interactive map
  • Create groups of clients/accounts/prospects based on GPS
  • Uses Google or Bing’s API to geo-tag the address from your contact records
  • Access it in the Infor CRM platform under “Show On Map”
  • Select and show a detailed route
  • Display Account/Contacts on map view

See Infor Contour in Action

Take a peek under the hood and give Contour a quick spin with this video demonstration.  In it, you’ll learn about the proximity search feature and more.

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