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Mixing Business and Pleasure at Sage Summit ‘15

Can you effectively mix business and pleasure?

Here at Blytheco, we think so!

One of the mottos throughout our offices is “play at work.” Sure, we deal with our client’s serious business issues and we help keep them operating efficiently and profitably. But that doesn’t mean we have to be stiff or have sour faces while doing so.

(Actually, we prefer “fish” faces!)

You see, just because we’re software consultants helping clients select the right ERP and other software for their organizations, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun.

It’s part of the reason we love to take time out each year at Sage Summit and mix things up with our clients at our annual Customer Appreciation Reception. The reception gives us all a chance to take a breather from the convention and – dare we say – have a little fun!

Since Sage Summit 2015 is happening in New Orleans, we couldn’t resist hosting our party in the world famous French Quarter! We’re looking forward to an evening of amazing food, cocktails, cool music and awesome conversations.

We can’t tell you how many amazing business connections have been made at our past parties! Our clients and partners have been exposed to new resources, and profitable partnerships have resulted over a good, old-fashioned handshake! And this year is bound to be similarly successful.

These connections wouldn’t be possible without some of our partners such as Acom Solutions, Vertex SMB, One Software Solution, xkzero and Paramount WorkPlace.

If you haven’t secured your spot to attend, space is running out! RSVP today and come let your hair down with us. You have permission to have fun!

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