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NetSuite Pricing: Find Out What to Expect for Your Company

NetSuite Pricing: Find Out What to Expect for Your Company

When you’re considering the right business management software, or ERP, for your company, one of the things you naturally want to know is, “How much will this cost?”

That’s not the most important question, of course—the most important question is whether the software will provide the value that your business needs.

But we know that when you’re beginning your research, you want to know what ballpark you’re playing in. And until recently, for products such as NetSuite it’s been very difficult to find pricing.

Why is it difficult to find NetSuite pricing?

It’s definitely not that NetSuite is unwilling to provide pricing; the challenge is knowing what the price is for. You see, NetSuite is so customizable and gives you so much flexibility that it’s really not possible to provide an “out of the box” price…because there is no box.

NetSuite offers multiple versions and a variety of modules, so it’s important to understand what you want to accomplish with the software and make sure you’re getting what you really need.

That’s why at Blytheco, we don’t start with price—we start with a discussion about your goals, your needs, and your challenges. From there, we build a scope that defines what you’re trying to achieve. Then we help you build the business case for the solution, so you can be sure you accomplish your goals and can sell your idea throughout your organization.

However, as noted above, we understand that you want a rough idea of what a software package will cost. To help with that, we have developed a NetSuite pricing page on our website. The page provides you with three case studies: a startup, a midsize company, and a larger organization, as well as some details on each project including edition, number of users, etc.

Take a look now and see how your company’s needs compare to our case studies. But to fully understand what your company needs and what the price will be, contact us today for a customized quote. We’re happy to talk with you, even if you’re not ready to get started. We can answer questions and help you with a list of questions you’ll want to ask, both internally and of vendors.

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