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NetSuite: The Vendor to Beat for Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite: The Vendor to Beat for Wholesale Distribution

One cloud ERP solution, NetSuite, has emerged as “the vendor to beat in wholesale distribution,” according to a new report by Technology Evaluation Centers.

In this comprehensive report, the author details how NetSuite has achieved this status, saying that NetSuite builds the wholesale and distribution solution on five key pillars, which are:

  1. Design for modern and global companies
  2. A flexible platform
  3. Accessibility of data analysis
  4. Readiness for omnichannel commerce
  5. Industry support

The report explains each point in depth; some excerpts include:

Design for modern and global companies

Modern businesses need to know that the software they purchase can scale up to support business volume growth and global growth. One of the key characteristics of cloud software such as NetSuite is that it supports rapid elasticity; the solution can expand or contract depending on business needs.

And in terms of global support, NetSuite OneWorld’s Global Financials are deployed in more than 160 countries and territories in over 20 languages. It also supports more than 100 countries’ tax calculations and reporting and more than 90 bank payment formats.

Flexible platform

ERP systems need to be built on a solid set of platform capabilities, allowing the system to run on any browser and on mobile devices, including tablets, phones and now watches. NetSuite has a complete line of development and deployment tools, including SuiteConnect, SuiteScript, SuiteTalk, SuiteAnalytics, SuiteBuilder, SuiteFlow, and the SuiteBundler tools.

Unlike legacy on-premise solutions, where the customer was primarily responsible for ensuring that the system was available, secure, and in compliance with multiple regulatory bodies, with NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform these requirements are covered by NetSuite.

Accessibility of data analysis

NetSuite’s dashboards have always been a big benefit to users. The dashboards are populated by a single database that makes advanced business intelligence (BI) available to just about every user. The real-time BI platform is called SuiteAnalytics; it delivers tailored database views by role and user type, supporting users both inside and outside of the organization, including customers, vendors, partners, and external systems.

Omnichannel commerce

SuiteCommerce, NetSuite’s omnichannel commerce solution, supports sales through all channels, online and off. As businesses are now required to deliver what is now called “any-channel” commerce solutions, SuiteCommerce has been developed to manage the buying, ordering, fulfillment and potential return of the product regardless of where the sale came from.

Support for the wholesale distribution industry

NetSuite has taken consistent, strategic steps to support the industry, building out its ERP solution’s capabilities to fully serve the industry. The solution now brings solid support for core wholesale distribution business capabilities, such as inventory management, rebates, cycle counting, procurement, warehousing, demand planning, shipping, fulfillment, and core financials. Beyond these core capabilities, NetSuite provides an extensive range of ERP solution components that wholesale and distribution customers can utilize. NetSuite ERP customers can take advantage of a complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution, a refined set of e-commerce tools, and other supply chain management (SCM) tools such and the Advanced WMS.

As a result, NetSuite reports that it now has thousands of wholesale distribution customers.

Want to know more about why NetSuite is now the vendor to beat in wholesale distribution? Get the free white paper now for the full report.

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