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New Free Resources for Beauty Products Manufacturing

Concerned about the trends in beauty products manufacturing toward increased legislation on patient safety and consumer claims against brands?

With the recent claims against EOS lip balm and the Honest Company hitting the news, you are not alone.

That’s why you should review our new guides for beauty products manufacturing on strategies for protecting your company.

Written by experts in the industry, these two free guides provide information on key issues:

  • Crisis Management in Beauty Products Manufacturing
  • Traceability in Beauty Products Manufacturing

Crisis_Management_in_Beauty_White_Paper_Cover.jpgCrisis Management in Beauty Products Manufacturing provides an overview of current issues in the industry and strategies for protecting your brand, including:

  • Claims, lawsuits and investigations against a trusted product can happen to any company
  • Any cosmetics or personal care brand benefits from putting a solid plan into place for crisis management
  • To counter claims made against your products, it is essential to have functions integrated into your software and system processes that can protect your brand.
  • 6 “must-have” software requirements for beauty products manufacturers
  • And more


Our newest guide, Traceability in Beauty Products Manufacturing, discusses how traceability has become a key issue for manufacturers—and how a lack of it can severely damage your brand. Learn why traceability is more important for personal care brands than ever before, how to ensure you have it, and how best to use it.

You’ll review the latest on:

  • Why both backward and forward traceability are important
  • How traceability helps with everyday compliance
  • The value of traceability in crisis management
  • 3 strategies for achieving traceability
  • And more


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