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Omnichannel Retailers: Do You Know the 3 Keys to Delivering the Perfect Order?

Omnichannel Retailers: Do You Know the 3 Keys to Delivering the Perfect Order?

It’s a constant struggle for omnichannel retailers to meet and exceed customer expectations; and even worse, with innovations from Amazon and other leading edge retailers, those expectations are constantly changing.

How can you keep up?

A new report from NetSuite outlines three keys to delivering the perfect order to your customers consistently. Here is a short summary of those points:

1. Centralize Your Order Management

The perfect order begins by deploying a centralized order management solution that holds all information from the order management process, including order, sourcing, payments, and fulfillment. A centralized solution also spans all channels of sales operations so it doesn’t matter where an order originates. All fulfillment channels have access to all information so the organization can appropriately allocate inventory based on stock levels, demand requirements and timing. For the customer, it’s a seamless experience they’ve come to expect.

2. Gain Enterprise-Wide Inventory Visibility

Another component of delivering the perfect order is inventory visibility across the entire enterprise. Lack of visibility emanates from disparate systems used to manage orders and inventory that result in steep costs, dwindling profits and broken customer loyalty. The only way to achieve end-to-end, inventory visibility in real time is by streamlining your business with a single, centralized order and inventory management solution.

3. Add Intelligence to Your Order Allocation

How can merchants use visibility and automation to enhance even further the customer experience to deliver the perfect order? With intelligence. More specifically, intelligent omnichannel order allocation. With it, you gain the additional ability to make optimal decisions about how to execute the perfect order. You can automatically and intelligently determine how best to fulfill orders based on your global inventory availability and business rules —essential technology of a centralized order management solution.

What Are the Results?

Merchants like you benefit from achieving the perfect order in many ways:

  • Increased inventory turns
  • Reduced fulfillment costs
  • Minimized labor costs
  • Increased customer service productivity
  • Isolated inventory freed up
  • Store associates and support centers better able to serve customers across all channels

Want to know more about providing the ultimate omnichannel experience? Get your copy of the NetSuite report now.

Omnichannel - Achieving the Perfect Order

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