7 Online Marketing Tools To Optimzie Lead Generation Results
7 Online Marketing Tools to Optimize Lead Generation Results

7 Online Marketing Tools to Optimize Lead Generation Results

Trying to ensure your messages penetrate the online marketplace in 2017 is tougher than ever. If you are looking to optimize lead generation results, we have a treat for you.  We’ve compiled a kit of online marketing tools we love. With most ranging from free to under $100 per month, you’ll have the means to maximize your budget and improve your return on investment in your campaigns.

1 – Typeform

Need to ask your existing customers about their service experience? Want to find out what your target audience want some more of? Survey them! But forget about the stodgy old tools of the past. Typeform helps you query your audience beautifully online or mobile. The intuitive builder helps you create visually stunning experiences for your survey taker to flow through. The free version is feature rich but when you upgrade for just $20 a month, you’ll enjoy everything the platform has to offer.

2 – Optimizelyshutterstock_566846329

You already know that it is less expensive to maintain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. So why not put some extra time into optimizing their experience with your brand on the web? Known as the “Experimentation Platform,” Optimizely helps businesses test and personalize their customer’s journey across every device, channel, and touch point.  Optimizely has a variety of tools, all of which you can try free for 30 days; their standard website experimentation package starts at $49 a month.

3 – CrazyEgg

How do you know which copy or images are working on your site (or not)? Consider giving CrazyEgg a try.  According to their site, “Crazy Egg is like a pair of x-ray glasses that lets you see exactly what people are doing on your website. Like, showing you where people are clicking… and where they aren’t. Or how many people scroll down your pages (and where most people stop). Or where those people are coming from, to begin with, and who clicks on what the most!”  How’s that for analytics?  Use the results to create an appropriate marketing plan of action.  Get started with a free trial and if you love it, pay just $108 for the year ($9 a month billed annually) on the basic plan.

4 – BuzzSumo

Are you ready to unlock the power of content marketing, SEO, or influencer marketing campaigns?  BuzzSumo is a trusted resource that helps you take deep dives into what is performing well on the web and leverage that data. It helps power your campaigns with tools such as Content Discovery, Influencers and Outreach, Competitor Research and more.  Jump into the data for free, then invest $79 a month for the “Pro” service level.

5 – MeetEdgar

Since launching in the summer of 2014 by invitation only, MeetEdgar.com has been addressing a gaping shortcoming of many of the most popular social scheduling tools.  If you ever want your post to be seen again, you have to manually reschedule it.  MeetEdgar.com helps you build up a library of everything you’ve ever posted and automatically refills your queue. You never run out of content to post, and your updates have the opportunity to be seen by new people in your audience.  Enjoy your first thirty days for free and then continue your service by investing $49 a month.

6 – InviteReferrals

If maintaining your existing customer base is the least expensive form of customer acquisition, then the second is closely related; happy customers are your best source of referrals!  These gems come already hearing great things about your business and are in the mind frame to make a buying decision. The challenge is those lead arrive on your business’ door step on a sporadic basis.  If only there was a way to organize a specific strategy designed to encourage referrals, reward the customers who helped and track the effectiveness of the campaign at every step of the way.  Oh yeah, InviteReferrals.com did just that!  Try the platform out for 15 days on web or mobile and the basic plan is just $59 a month after that.

7 – Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics is the industry standard for tracking, measuring, and analyzing your web traffic.  The breadth and depth of data Google can provide is like a diamond.  But if you don’t understand what you’re looking at or know how to transform raw insights into action steps, it may as well be a lump of coal that sparkles.  Learn from the creators and masters of the tool for free.  That’s right, I said free!  Once you take courses such as Digital Analytics Fundamentals and Google Analytics platform principles, you’ll be able to polish that coal into an expensive gem that yields high returns for your company. 

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Do you know about other tools that you think should make our list?  Leave us a comment below.  Have more marketing questions? Check out more of our featured marketing blog posts or request a complimentary marketing consultation with one of our experts.

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