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More on Optimizing Inventory Management

More on Optimizing Inventory Management

We had a lot of interest in our recent Optimizing Inventory Management webinar, so I wanted to follow up with some of our in-session poll results and additional resources.

If you missed it, Stuart Langer (Blytheco VP of Sales, CPA, and adjunct professor at Oglethorpe University) reviewed strategies for understanding various inventory replenishment approaches with the goal of minimizing inventory costs while keeping service levels high.

The post-event survey revealed a lot of interest in hosting a “Part Two” of the “Optimizing Inventory Management” webinar. We’re happy to oblige! The second webinar of the series will delve deeper into useful tools for managing inventory and further explore advanced topics of supply chain management. We’re definitely looking forward to hosting Part Two next quarter!

For the webinar schedule and additional resources, including a recording of the session and white papers about managing inventory, visit our Resources page.

For attendees and others interested in learning more about the Basics of Accounting, check out Stuart’s “Basics of Enterprise Accounting” recorded webinar series.

Session Poll Results of Webinar Attendants

How do you categorize your organization and its relationship with inventory?





Do you use any of these replenishment techniques?

Automated replenishment with min/max…9%

EOQ – Economic Order Quantity…28%

Reorder Points…69%

Safety Stock…53%

Vendor-managed inventory…22%

Are you calculating EOQ’s, Reorder Points, Service Levels?


Service Levels…19%


Reorder Points…36%

What other types of educational events would interest you?

Automating your warehouse and optimizing the supply chain (Part II of Optimizing Inventory Webinar)…41%

Optimizing month-end close…8%

Competing with analytics: leveraging your data…19%

Basics of accounting…7%

Leveraging CRM for sales management and forecasting…17%

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