Should You Hire a Full Time Salesforce Admin or Outsource?

Should You Hire a Full Time Salesforce Admin or Outsource?

Many companies struggle with the question: “Should I hire a full-time Salesforce Admin or outsource?”  While there are pros and cons to both scenarios, companies should be leaning towards outsourcing those duties.  First, let us explore hiring a full-time Salesforce Admin.

Top Considerations for Hiring a Full-Time Salesforce Admin

Not only do you have the annual salary for your Salesforce Admin to consider, you also experience onboarding costsSalesforce Admin such as drug tests, background checks, potential relocation cost, and posting the actual job position.  Even after the previous expenses, you still incur added costs related to health coverage, payroll taxes, and funds to maintain certifications for your Admin.

While costs can be a drawback, many times they can be justified.  Some items can bring positive results when you hire a dedicated Salesforce Admin for your organization who only holds that responsibility. One advantage is that a dedicated Salesforce Admin knows your company and culture at a deep level, so while you are limited to the knowledge your dedicated Admin has, you will benefit from their knowledge of how to navigate your organization. Another advantage is that you will have easy access to your Admin anytime – except when they’re on vacation or out sick, of course.

Top Considerations for Hiring a Salesforce Consultant

When you hire a Consultant, you are not only hiring them, but you are hiring the entire firm. This means you have a deep breadth of experience and knowledge that your company can leverage.  If your Consultant does not have the answer, they have colleagues to confer with.  In addition, the only cost you incur with using a Consultant is their fee when they’re actually working for you, and in some cases, travel costs.

Salesforce Consultant TeamHaving a Consultant is enticing since you do not need to ensure there is enough work for 40-hour work week like you would if you had a full-time Admin.  If occasionally there’s more work than one Admin can handle, there will be no waiting for your Admin to become available, and no need to hire another resource – the consultant will merely bring in a team member to assist for as long as needed.

Another major advantage is that you can utilize your Consultant only when you need them.  You may have a project which takes 5 hours or maybe you only need them for an hour.  You determine when you need them which allows you to control costs and apply them to growing other areas of your business.

Now that you have some more background information, making the best choice between a full-time Salesforce admin or outsourcing to a consultant should be easy; the answer is going to be whatever works best for your current situation. f you have any questions on what Blytheco can do for your organization’s Salesforce needs. Check out our infographic outlining the differences between hiring an in-house Salesforce Admin and hiring a Salesforce Consultant.

If you have any questions on what Blytheco can do for your organization’s Salesforce needs, reach out to us and we can provide you with a complimentary Business Process Review to help you make the best choice.


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