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Perfume to Smell Like Out-of-the-Box Apple Gadgets

From hotdog stuffed pizza (which surely smells intriguing to say the least) to now a scent that smells like Apple computer gadgets – the world is coming out with some very wacky things! is reporting that scent creation extraordinaire Air Aroma Co. and three Australian artists are trying to develop a fresh out-of-the-box smell in order to accompany an art exhibition.

I, personally, have always enjoyed the smell of aluminum, plastic, and glue mixed with the faint emanation of shipped cardboard. I mean, really… move over Giorgio Armani – this is the fragrance I want!

But alas, you won’t find it in any shop. The artists – who go by the collective name of Greatest Hits – sourced the scent for the De facto Standard exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.

“A distinctive scent can be observed when unwrapping a newly purchased Apple product from its packaging,” Air Aroma said. “Apple fans will certainly recognize this smell.”

The company said to replicate the smell, it sent unopened Macbook Pro laptops to their fragrance suppliers in the south of France. The perfume makers then used the scents they observed when un-boxing. The fragrance will be diffused for the duration of their exhibition – which runs at West Space until May 12.

So, if you wanted to smell like the iPad 3, you’re out of luck it seems. Maybe Dell will release one soon? 😉

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