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Pink Potluck Lunch In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Potluck Lunch In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Blytheo has a long history in supporting Cancer fighters, survivors, their families and research through it’s longstanding partnership with Relay for Life.

Although the disease has the power to radically transform the lives of all it touches, it also has the power to unite people to care for one cause.  When facing Goliath, no stone is too small; it just has to be effective.

And in the struggle against this giant of Cancer, a simple $5 donation has the power to be multiplied to fund research and recovery, plus generate great memories in the process.

On Wednesday October 12, 2016, #BlythecoOC held a “Pink Potluck” Fundraiser.  Blytheco team members volunteers to prepare a dish for a pot luck lunch and attendees wore pink.  Additionally,  Breast Cancer Ribbons and handmade bracelets were available for a $5 donation.

Pink Potluck ad

This potluck turned out to be our corporate office’s most successful one yet with the abundance and variety of dishes.  Getting the lunch time fete wasn’t without it’s funny challenges, though!  Despite being the largest of all Blytheco’s 6 offices in terms of staff, it probably has the smallest kitchen!  Way too many people were crammed around two microwaves trying to heat everything up – one of them even gave out!

Thankfully, it didn’t stop the smorgasbord of delicious spread from being served.  Team members noshed on Eileen’s ribs, Michelle Klein’s chili and Leah’s sweet and spicy meat balls.  Blytheco foot the bill for a 6-foot sub and Chelsea contributed a 7-layer dip for the chips.  Lunch also had an international flare with Shaina and Jennifer serving up two different types of Asian noodles and Jose brought Mexican tamales.  Lunch couldn’t be complete without desert; Elizabeth’s pink cup cakes were right on point!  Everyone enjoyed the event so much, the only complaint was that bigger plates were needed to accommodate so much food!

In all, about $350 has been raised, between the pot luck and additional items for sale.  The great part is the month isn’t over yet!

Click the image below to scroll through pictures of the event.
Pink Potluck 2016

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