Blytheco's Quest for Excellence - Top 2017 Learning Takeaways
Blytheco’s Quest for Excellence – Top 2017 Learning Takeaways

Blytheco’s Quest for Excellence – Top 2017 Learning Takeaways

One of the best things about bringing all the team members from our six offices and remote staff together for our annual Quest Conference is the learning we get to experience together.  Last week, I shared how our team was impacted by sessions lead by our peers.  This week, we’ll pull back the curtain on our two 2017 guest speakers: Ryan Walter and Maura Thomas.

Ryan Walter

SliderBGCUPNHL Champian, author, trainer, and speaker Ryan Walter left a deep impression on our team.  His opening story of how a losing hockey team was able to turn around in six weeks to become champions set the tone for his time with us.  Ryan dug into the origins of high performing teams (be they in sports or business): mindset.  Ryan highlighted that “most people don’t think about what they think about,” and proceeded to help our team categorize how we typically approach our goals and our work – with either “above the line” or “below the line” thinking.  He showed us how to get into the optimal “flow” zone and lead us through an exercise that helped us “tap in” to more effective ways of communicating with each other so that we can experience more success on an individual and group level.

Here’s what left the deepest impression on some of our team members:

“I learned that energy is a fundamental driving force that ties all his concepts together. He presented in an entertaining and engaging manner that I think pulled everyone in. I also learned about different coaching philosophies that apply in business and life.”

– Visoth Chea

“Future Positive thinking can activate a team’s energy and ruminating on Past Positive thinking can regenerate a team’s energy.”

– Rene Pierce

“My biggest takeaway from Ryan Walter’s session was the affect positive thinking has on your success, not only personally, but as a team. I also loved the training/concept to ‘TAP-IN’ and not wait to jump in when things could be going wrong.”

– Erin Haney

“Ryan Walter was very dynamic and engaging. The entire model of above the line/below the line thinking, the benefits and disadvantages afforded depending on where one chooses to focus and drive, playing/working in the Zone, and choosing your attitude are all absolutely in alignment with our FISH culture. I loved this speaker and looking forward to reading at least one of his several books.”

– Kevin Freeman

Marua Thomas

Maura-3-croppedDon’t call Maura Thomas a “time management” guru.  What she actually helps with is teaching skills for attention control.  According to Maura, attention management is more relevant than time management because if we can control our attention, we can control our life and do more things that matter to us.  It gives us the ability to live a life of choice.  In order to control our attention, Maura says, we need to control our environment, our technology, and behavior.  When we are in control, then “flow” happens.  Maura had our team crack open our laptops and tablets and she gave us practical tools for organizing our work and personal life, plus tactical methods for maximizing software tools like Outlook.

Here’s what some of our team members took away from Maura’s session:

“I learned from Maura that prioritization is key! Be sure to focus on the important things and commit to managing your attention (and subsequently your time) wisely.”
– Mike Fron

“Maura’s presentation provided me with some real practical information on organizing my tasks and calendars via her seven categories.”

– Billy Balser

“Maura’s session was helpful.  She presented a compelling approach to take which I am putting through the paces in the context of my own task management. I do see benefits of her methodology and am trying to put them into practice in improving my organizational skills.”

– Kevin Freeman

“My biggest takeaway from Maura’s session was knowing I am not alone in our crazy world of technology where every minute something is trying to grab our attention and feeling overwhelmed!  Task management & prioritization is key to success.”

– Kelley Rayburn

Would you love to experiencing professional and personal development like this during Quest 2018? Check out our current open positions so you can become part of our family!

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