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Recall Roundup – October 31, 2014

Clicking through a few page-1 Google search results easily yielded over 100 food related recalls in the month of October alone. Not as many drug related recalls were reported in the same time frame. However, the nature of those reported are pretty alarming. Keep reading to discover how some of these recent recalls may be affecting you, your loved ones or your business.


PRODUCT – Fresh Serrano Chile Peppers

AFFECTED REGIONS – Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio

BRIEF – Bailey Farms Inc. recalled fresh Serrano Chile Peppers because a random sampling tested positive for Salmonella on October 20, 2014. The customers who purchased the produce between October 2 and October 21 were alerted. They were distributed to stores such as Meijer’s, Publix, Walmart, and Food Lion. The official press release can be found at

INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS – More efficient processes could have caught this problem sooner and may have reduced the length of time that potentially contaminated food was available to the buying public. See how another food company was able to increase efficiency in their operations in the following case study:


PRODUCT – Gluten Free Chia Pancake and Waffle Mix

AFFECTED REGIONS – Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Oklahoma

BRIEF – New Hope Mills issued an allergen alert on its’ Gluten Free Chia Pancake and Waffle Mix on the concern it may contain undeclared soy. While no injuries have been reported, New Hope Mills recalled all 16oz packages of the product with “best used by” dates into December of 2015. People with severe soy sensitivity could potentially develop a serious, life-threatening allergic reaction. Full refunds are being given to customers. Read the full official press release at

INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS – A recall is seriously costly and could cripple a business. Is your business potentially at risk for this or other traceability concerns? Find out by watching our free, on-demand webinar: “Traceability in Food Processing – Is Your Business at Risk?


PRODUCT – Sterile products (compounded medications and injectable treatments)

AFFECTED REGIONS – Oregon and Washington State

BRIEF – Oregon Compounding Centers issued a voluntary recall of sterile products distributed to health care and veterinary facilities in Oregon and Washington. The company pulled lots which were manufactured and packaged from July 1st through September 22nd due to a recent issue with sterility assurance. Some of the items in question include Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin B) injectables and Lidocaine which is used topically for skin conditions like eczema or as a local anesthetic for minor surgery. Should microbial contamination be present, it can present serious health risks for both humans and pets. Read the full press release at

INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS – No one in the business of serving the health needs of people and their pets desires to willingly endanger a life. But increasing safety has become synonymous with increasing costs. Is there away to assure quality while maintaining profitability? We discuss that and more in an upcoming webinar: “Improving Controls and Visibility in Pharmaceutical Production.”


In the RECALL ROUND UP series, we explore recently announced alerts and examine a few preventive steps that industries can take to minimize or eliminate that type of error or failure in the future.

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