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Sage Abra v9 Upgrade and Installation Information

Sage Abra v9 has a brand new product installation, data location, and user interface. As a result, we recommend that you read the installation instructions prior to installing or upgrading the product and that the Release Notes be distributed to all Abra Suite users so they can become familiar with what has changed within Sage Abra. These documents are located in the documentation folder. You can find the Installation Instructions and the Release Notes on the Sage Abra v9 DVD.

  • Just right-click on Abra Suite v9 DVD, select Explore, double-click the Abra folder and select the Doc folder.
  • If you prefer, simply visit the support site, Support Plus Online, to download this documentation. Just log in and go to Sage Abra HRMS Product Updates and Documentation. Then choose Sage Abra Suite v9.x from the dropdown box and click Get Product Update. You will then see the links to download both the Product Update and the Release Notes.

Before starting your upgrade, please note that with the new installer (One Click Technology) the Abra software must be installed on the server (machine) that will host your application.

If questions arise on the state of the previous Abra installation, please contact us for assistance.

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