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Sage Delivers in the Cloud with a Suite of On-Premise Solutions

MAS 90 and Accpac ERP solutions from Blytheco and Sage Software are now available in the Cloud. As of November 22, MAS 90 Online will go live with a subscription price of $169 per month per user. The system has the same functionality as MAS 90, but in a hosted environment. This is the same service that already supports Sage Accpac in the cloud, which, according to Mint Jutras, “had a 99.874% recorded up-time for 2011.”

For over 25 years Sage MAS 90 ERP has been an award winning accounting system that has consistently been the #1 choice for CPAs. Tens of thousands of mid-market US companies use the software daily to run their businesses, whether for core financials, distribution, or light manufacturing. Its robust features and ease of customization have allowed it to be used across many diverse lines of business.

Until today your deployment choices were to purchase software and install it on-premise or purchase the software and then pay another company to host it on their servers. Both of these solutions required significant upfront costs for the actual software purchase, additional hardware with the necessary IT services, and currently-operating system licenses.

Either of these deployment choices also took weeks to get from the point of placing the software order to actually starting to use the system and if the software was installed on-premise it couldn’t be accessed remotely without further cost and complexity.

With the release of MAS 90 Online, Sage has opened a new chapter on rapid, anywhere, anytime, cost-controlled ERP delivery. All you need to do is decide how many ERP users you require and Sage can provision and deliver a cloud based solution within hours. Customers can feel confident that their mission critical ERP system and data are hosted, monitored and backed up at a SAS 70 certified secure data center. Included in the pricing is a Sage guarantee of data security, disaster recovery and backup services with a guaranteed up time of 98 percent.

The Sage MAS 90 Online pricing offers customers access to all the following modules:

Library Master, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory Management, Bill of Materials, Sales Order, Return Merchandise Authorization, Purchase Order, Business Insights, Electronic Reporting, Paperless Office and Sage ERP MAS Intelligence.

In addition the customer can create up to five MAS 90 company databases with no size limitation plus one GB of non-ERP personal file storage. The first copy of Microsoft Word and Excel is also included.

The price per user is $169/month which includes 24/7 connectivity support. Sage business care is available for an additional $20/month and includes unlimited support issues and Anytime training courses. Additional Sage MAS 90 online companies are $50 per company/month and additional users of Microsoft Word and Excel are $25 per user/month.

The minimum user count is just one user with a recommend maximum of fifteen users. The contract period is either one, two or three years with discounts for the 36 month contract and on prepaid contracts.

A great feature of Sage MAS 90 Online is that software features and data are 100 % compatible with the standard Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 version 4.50 products. Anyone familiar with MAS 90 will be instantly comfortable and productive with the online product.

Also, If a MAS 90 Online customer decides that they require many more users, or a 3rd party add-on’s such as EDI, custom programming for a specific business need, or complex data integration, they have the option of moving their data on premise seamlessly by purchasing a regular license for MAS 90 or MAS 200. Sage will even provide a credit of 25% off the last 12 months subscription payments to ease this transition.

Lastly, an existing Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200 customer on a current or prior version may decide that MAS 90 Online is the best solution for their future ERP needs. In this scenario, their Sage business partner will be able to easily convert their data and load it for use by MAS 90 Online.

This exciting new release from Sage will open up the world of MAS 90 to a new generation of customer. How exciting!

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