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What is the Sage Leadership Academy Alumni Association?

What is the Sage Leadership Academy Alumni Association?

What is it? Why are we in it?

An announcement will go out this week that Blytheco will be participating in Sage Leadership Academy Alumni Association (SLAAA). You may ask, what is this organization and why would we chose to participate. It is a non-profit group comprised of professional service firms committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and sustaining professional growth. Twice a year, SLAAA gives retreats to further our learning, not only from those brought in as speakers but from the shared dialogue that happens at these exclusive events.

Blytheco chooses to participate in these retreats because we believe in the value of continued learning. Many of the connections we make and the speakers we meet become writers for our Bellwether magazine and some have even participated in initiatives like our Summer Webinar Series to better educate our clients on issues that are important and challenging to small to medium-sized businesses.

The next retreat is in Colorado and will be led by Eagles Flight. I would highly recommend other professional service firms attend. Ed Kless has taken a version of SLAAA and geared it towards different organizations in either the manufacturing or distribution sector. These events have been put on so far in Southern California and in Dallas. If one comes to a city near you, we will let you know!

After I attend the Eagles Flight SLAAA event, I will share with you what I’ve learned and hope that you guys will find it beneficial too!

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