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Sage Summit 2015 Tip #3: More Power to Ya!, Or What You Need to Know About Powering Your Devices, Part II

In Part I of this blog, we reviewed some basics related to your power needs for Sage Summit—related to your devices, not control of the world. Now let’s look at specifics about devices you may want to use while you’re at the show.

Some Battery Packs Are Eagles and Some are Turkeys

As the above headline suggests, some battery packs are awesome and some will make you say, “REALLY?” As the old saying goes, “Not all {insert your favorite product} are created equal.” In the case of external battery packs, remember this: “bDm” (brand Does matter!) But, it’s not so much the brand on the tofu wrapper on the outside, but what’s on the inside! That’s right, “MY FAVORITE BRAND” stamped on the outside doesn’t mean a thing. The brand that counts here is: who made the actual battery cell on the inside?

Research shows that the best cells come from Japan, like Panasonic and Sanyo. Guess what brand Tesla uses in their battery operated cars? I’ll give you a hint; it starts with Panasonic! Now here’s the rub, the brand on the outside typically does not brag about the brand on the inside (it’s all about them, you understand). The thing you should do in that case is to do your due diligence. Read reviews until you are cross-eyed (eventually you may find someone that took the tofu cover off and tells you who made up the inside!).

Bigfoot and Other Myths

While the jury is still out regarding the big furry creature, there is one myth that can be cleared up. I’ll bet if I took a poll right now that at least 90% of you have heard this one. The story goes like this: “A guy walks into a bar…” (oops, wrong one) A guy buys a new phone, his friend says – “Dude, make sure you let the battery drain fully before recharging it!” then he adds, “and make sure you charge it all the way before unplugging the charger or it NEVER will reach full capacity again!”

Instead of calling Myth Busters, we can clear this up right here: It depends on what type of battery you have. While this story is true for devices that contain NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries, it is not the case for Lithium-ion batteries, which most “modern” phones, devices and portable battery packs are equipped with today. NiMH batteries really do suffer from the dreaded “memory effect” syndrome. If your phone is equipped with a NiMH battery, then I have to say: “Dude, the 90’s are calling and they want their flip-phone back!”

Yacht, Speedboat or Dinghy?

I look at these battery packs like boats in three different sizes. My preference is for both the Yacht and the Dinghy. While the “speedboat” is nice and usually has more features and power (about 3,000 mAh and 2 Amps) than the “Dinghy”, I just don’t see the point of it. My reasoning for this is simple: Even though the mid-size model is about the size of a pack of cigarettes and will fit in my pocket, it is still uncomfortable to sit on and I don’t smoke.

My “go-to” charger while away from the house and my car for extended periods of time is the “Dinghy” (about 2,000 mAh & 1.5 Amps). Usually about the size of a large tube of lipstick, these little gems can get you charged and out of a pinch quickly and, while I don’t use lipstick either, it fits in my front pocket quite nicely.

So what about the “yacht”? Well, for one thing, it’s a Power Monster! Although large, they are still relatively portable (My Aukey is 6” long and 2.5” wide and fits in my pocket if needed). But oh, the “battery” room they have! Captain Nemo would be in awe of its 20,000 mAh under the hood. With 3 AMPS of output and 2 USB ports (one port charges at 2.1 amps and the other at 1 amp) you can charge your large tablet and iPhone at the same time at full-speed-ahead! But, I would not want to haul it around Sage Summit all day long. For that, I would go with the “dinghy”! However, I would keep the “yacht” on standby!

I hope you’ve found these power tips for Sage Summit—and beyond—to be useful. Make the most of your time at Sage Summit, and be sure to visit Blytheco at booth #724–you could win a $500 gift card!

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