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Sage Summit Doing it Big with Live Tweet Displays and Video Kiosks

Are you Tweeting Yet?

As previously mentioned, Sage is going all out this year to make the experience at Sage Summit a stand-out WOW. Since I’ve been sneaking you some insider information, I thought I’d let you know that I just found out that Sage will have two 60” plasma monitors running at the show that will have a real-time live Twitter feed of all of the Sage Summit tweets. Don’t tweet yet? What a wonderful opportunity to tweet for the first time! Stop by the Blytheco booth at 812 and we will give you our Social Media Guide to help you get started along with the latest issue of our Bellwether magazine (not released yet) which is all about social media. Take a look at what the screens will look like at Summit here:

Not sure if you should get involved with Social Media? We know that many small businesses are trying to decide right now what they should be doing with social media in the future. That is why we’ve developed a Social Media Survey so you can bench mark yourself against other small to medium size business companies.

Thank you to Sage for paving the way for us to stay connected with Tweets at the show. But there’s more….

WHAT???? Did you say Video capabilities?

Imagine you’re at Sage Summit and just attended a very cool session and wrote down a myriad of notes. You can’t wait to tell the colleagues back home about what you’ve learned, but man – there’s so many notes to wade through! And what if you forget?

Well, Sage Summit has thought of a solution. Next to each twitter-dedicated plasma screen, there will be video kiosks where you can record a quick video of yourself and your experience onsite. Attendees can email their videos to friends, and post on social media sites including the Summit Youtube and Facebook page.

Not sure how to do all of these items? Again just visit us at booth 812 and we’ll help ya out. We’ll even through in a free copy of our comprehensive social media guide to help you get started.

I can’t tell you how cool it is that you can take the spirit of Sage Summit and deliver it immediately to others at your company.

Keep it up Sage, I’m impressed.

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