How to Have a Sage X3 Administrator at Your Finger Tips
How to Have a Sage X3 Administrator At Your Finger Tips

How to Have a Sage X3 Administrator At Your Finger Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Sage X3 administrator as your go-to expert, without hiring a fulltime employee? Read on to learn how this dream can become your reality!

By Erin Haney

Blytheco's Sage X3 Remote Administrator PlanYour implementation is complete.  Your go-live was successful.  Now, it’s time for you as the project sponsor to go back to your ‘normal’ job.  But what’s next?  You don’t have a dedicated team member whose responsibility it is to maintain the new system you so painstakingly put in place.  What will happen when (inevitably) problems arise? Who will handle routine file purging, archiving and upgrading… oh my??

Not to worry!  As Blytheco has been there for you over the last six to nine months of your Sage X3 implementation, we won’t leave you high and dry now!  With our customizable Remote Admin Plan, we can give you peace of mind, knowing that your necessary monthly activities are being managed by an expert Sage X3 administrator, just as if they were onsite doing the work.

What’s Included?

You choose the tasks and we do the work.  We offer routine services within various categories of Batch Management, Security and Auditing, Report Activity, Data Management (History Purge, General Server Maintenance), Third Party Management and System Management (Folder Refresh, Patch Management, Stock Utilities, Maintaining Connection Credentials) and troubleshooting.  We can also include optimization tasks to your plan so that we can partner with your team to make recommendations on you can get the most out of your investment in Sage X3.

What’s Your ROI?

A dedicated in-house system administrator can cost your organization a full time employee’s salary, anywhere from $75K annually and up, depending on how large or complex your organization and system are.  With our Remote Admin Plan, we save you significant dollars and overhead without sacrificing experience and expertise.  You’ll also eliminate the up to six months of on boarding and training that would be required to get a new team member proficient in your system.

Even if your system has been live for a while but you realize you don’t have time to stay on top of monthly administrative tasks, or your Sage X3 administrator has left your company, we can be your cost efficient extra pair of hands!  We can tailor your plan to suit your exact needs.

Let Blytheco help bridge the gaps in your organization and provide your team with the on-demand answers you need to extract the full value from your X3 software.

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About the Author

Erin Haney is Blytheco’s Sage X3 Practice Leader. She has spent several years in the software solution space, including management positions with SaaS organizations. She also currently serves as Blytheco’s Sage 500 Practice Leader. Connect with Erin at or at


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