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Sage X3 and Salesforce: A Connection Designed to Increase Sales

Sage X3 and Salesforce: A Connection Designed to Increase Sales

Using Sage X3 and Salesforce, or considering it?

Good news: Sage recently announced a new direct connection for Sage X3 and Salesforce.

That means that via the connector, a business using both solutions can see any financial transaction data attached to a CRM record, collecting more information about a customer’s record of activity with an organization in a single place. This connection will make it easier than ever before for Sage X3 users to see how much particular customers are buying, any special pricing or terms provided to the customer, and other useful information for sales and negotiations.

The connection is made possible in part by the fact that X3 is now available in a cloud version, hosted on the AWS cloud.

“X3 lives within AWS, but X3 CRM Connector allows customers to connect our back end with the Salesforce CRM front end, and allows customers to have a seamless experience, connecting the business processes in real time,” said Libby Koehn, Sage’s VP of product management for X3.

Where this connection of front office and back office will really benefit businesses, according to a recent industry article, is in improving visibility of funnel management, particularly since Sage’s launch of the Sage X3 e-commerce platform.

“As a prospect is converting into to an actual customer, X3 acts as a back end and starts populating from the back end to E-Commerce,” Koehn said. “Once the customer is converted, this can immediately handle the manufacturing side, and can figure out how to handle distribution and supply chain management and synchronize it right back into Salesforce CRM.” This increase in visibility across the entire sales process saves the user time and boosts their productivity.

The connection is just one part of Sage’s new partnership with Salesforce, which has also resulted in Sage X3 getting a presence on the AppExchange, Salesforce’s cloud-based app store. And while Sage is new to the AppExchange, it was awarded the Partner Innovation Award in the App Cloud Category for 2016. As thousands of apps are included in the AppExchange, that is quite an achievement.

Want to know more about how Sage X3 streamlines business processes and takes manufacturing to a new level? Watch the X3 interactive demo video now, and visit our site for more information.


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