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Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting: What’s New and Free

Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting: What’s New and Free

Get better insights into your financials with the latest release of Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting

Sage has announced new, advanced financial reporting capabilities for Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting designed to help you gain better visibility into your financial data using a familiar Microsoft Excel interface. This latest release continues to provide the tools for organizations to analyze and report on their data, helping them to make more informed business decisions, faster.

Most importantly, Sage has announced that with this latest release, Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting is bundled with the core Sage X3 solution for new customers. This means that all new customers receive a Sage Intelligence Report Manager, Report Designer and Connector License with their selection of Sage X3 as their business management solution.

Here’s what else you‘ll receive in this latest release of Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting:

First, out-of-the box financial report layouts now:

  • Address multiple years, sites and budgets
  • Allow customization of all nine dimensions available in Sage X3, extending to multiple charts of accounts and multiple ledgers

The Report Designer within Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting has been extended to support more account segment separators, allowing for a more consistent experience when reporting in Excel. Additionally, integrated multi-currency support provides you with seamless access to the exchange rates maintained within Sage X3.

When running reports, you can now generate them directly from the Layouts tab on the Task Pane by selecting the layout you require. This generates a new worksheet, which can be customized to comply with your company setup and unique requirements. Once the reports are complete, the new distribution enhancement allows you to not only send the reports with calculated values, but with embedded formulas too, allowing you to see the data behind the calculations.

These are just a few of the new features that are available with Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting. For more details on the latest Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting enhancements, please contact Blytheco and we’ll be happy to give you more information.

If you’d like to see Sage X3 firsthand right now, watch the new interactive video demo that allows you to customize your tour of the software.

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