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Sage X3 New Release Adds Improved Functionality for Manufacturing, Distribution and More

Sage X3 New Release Adds Improved Functionality for Manufacturing, Distribution and More

The Sage X3 new release includes new features and functionality that offer users a better way to manage the entire business, at a lower cost and on a global scale, according to the company.

Among the key benefits of the new release are:

  • Faster process cycle time, faster inventory turns, faster customer response time, faster insights into costs and performance
  • Simpler management of distributed operations and simpler IT management
  • Flexible capacity, customization, configuration and deployment options, in the cloud or on premises

Specifically, the new release offers improvements in several categories, including:

New in Production Management

Sage X3 New FeaturesProject Management

Manage all aspects of a project across financial, distribution and/ or manufacturing processes, from quoting to planning resources and material, tracking costs and schedule, invoicing and analyzing profits.

Production Scheduler

Optimize production cycles and control lead times with more flexible graphical production planning and scheduling capabilities.

Automated Bank Statements

Improve the efficiency of the financial process by automatically generating the transactions matching open items or unbalanced operations when importing bank statements (MT940).

New in Supply Chain Management


Build or customize a comprehensive webstore within days, and manage catalogs, pricing, inventory, customers, and all transactions as part of the Sage X3 core supply chain management processes.


Synchronize customer records between Salesforce CRM and Sage X3, and display customer orders in Salesforce using the new Sage X3 Salesforce CRM Connector.


  • Optimize container capacity for shipments
  • Attach & track documents associated with receiving goods
  • Easily customize steps to track during receiving process
  • Easily update costs associated with purchasing on shipment and view shipment cost totals
  • Create complementary invoice from shipments

New in Financial Management

Financial Reporting

Easily design reports, with intuitive Excel-based reporting capabilities integrated with Sage X3 financial management, and automate the running and distribution of reports to teams or individuals.


  • Accelerate closing with real-time inter-company consolidation process, at the right level of aggregation.
  • Accelerate currency conversion by running conversions in one run, at the balance sheet level (vs. transaction level).
  • Fast entry booking: accelerate journal and AP/AR entries.
  • Automate reminder campaigns based on amounts or intervals.
  • Enable blocking sales transactions based on credit rating

These are just a few of the improvements that make Sage X3 a top choice for manufacturing, distribution, and more.

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Sage X3 New Features

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