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Sage X3 Update 10: Faster, Simpler, More Flexible Management

Sage X3 Update 10: Faster, Simpler, More Flexible Management

Sage X3 Update 10During Sage Summit last week, Sage announced an update to its Sage X3 cloud software that incorporates functional improvements to the finance, distribution, and manufacturing modules, and closes some functional gaps. It also delivers a better user experience with improvements to the mobile and browser interface.

Jennifer Warawa, EVP of Product Marketing at Sage, announced on Twitter “#SageX3 introduces a faster, simpler, and flexible way to manage the entire business.”

Sage introduced the latest version of X3 at the Sage Summit in Chicago, including the company’s Distribution Cloud. Sage says the Distribution Cloud will simplify the management of the entire value chain, help boost sales, keep webstore information up to date and bring integrations with payment processing platforms.

Salesforce will also help boost Sage’s Distribution vision, thanks to its CRM Enterprise Edition, which will contribute towards building an integrated cloud aimed at global distributors.

What new features are included in the update? Here’s a quick look:

  • Financial management improvements, including: budgets now up to 9 dimensions, automatic journals, reminders, payments and discounts
  • Distribution improvements, including: logistics workflow improvements (shipments and carriers), traceability on subcontract orders, multiple counts on product inventory, and a customer service calendar widget
  • Manufacturing improvements including: versioning in routings and shop floor tracking improvements
  • Mobility user interface now leverages native Windows 10 features (notifications, live tiles, sharing, Cortana integration, support for pencil, barcode scan, image resizing, geo-location in objects, camera), management of drafts (creation, offline edits and sync), auto-fill templates, drill-down/up on queries, memos, data aging tracking, and data representation improvements
  • Web client received a new login screen, MS Office 2016 integration, navigation improvements, lists, and a new calendar component
  • Platform improvements, including:
    • Support for multiple application servers (no single point of failure)
    • Easy updates
    • Derivate languages
    • API management
    • Batch controller
    • Cloud provisioning improvements
    • RDS support for MS SQL 2014

What does this mean to your organization?

  • Improved productivity in the Cloud
  • Extended functionality and improved user workflow
  • Expanded usability of the solution in the Cloud

Sage X3 Update 10 goes live with Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud as the core embedded financial reporting solution

Another new feature of X3 is its People Cloud, which uses technologies by Fairsail, an award-winning, global enterprise HR cloud solution, to ensure companies can manage their HR services in the cloud too. People Cloud will connect with Fairsail payroll solutions and other financial platforms to help companies better manage their people-related costs.

“We have a clear cloud strategy for Sage X3, building up a comprehensive cloud offering in every domain, for midsize and enterprise businesses to manage their finance, distribution, manufacturing, and HR processes more effectively” said David Krauss, global vice president of product marketing for Sage’s enterprise cloud solutions.

The Sage X3 product update 10 is rolling out for cloud customers (on premise customers are unaffected by this release).

Sage says that cloud customers will start benefiting from the updated functionality in August. The next cloud and on-premises version of Sage X3 is slated for February 2017.

Want to know more? Contact us today to see a demo and learn how Sage X3 could work for your organization.

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