Sales Intelligence Tools That Help You Close the Deal
Know Thy Customer: Sales Intelligence Tools that Help You Close the Deal

Know Thy Customer: Sales Intelligence Tools that Help You Close the Deal

Conventional wisdom among successful sales equates to, the more you know about your customer (i.e. sales intelligence), the more likely you are to close the deal. A recent Forbes article entitled “Five Higher Quality Prospect Steps To Get More Sales” identified “spending more time and effort on prospect research before you ask for a qualifying meeting” as one of the five steps to increased sales success.

B2B companies have an advantage over B2C’s in that it is easier to research their prospect online. The first source of information for most, of course, is your prospect company’s website. But now, there are new resources that can provide even better information—including free tools that analyze the website to provide hidden insights.

These are sales intelligence tools, which provide information on prospect companies including:

  • Contract Titlescustomer knowledge
  • Company Revenue
  • Types of software the prospect is currently using
  • Access to LinkedIn profiles
  • And much more.

Sales intelligence is the next step in targeted sales. It moves you toward the goal of personalization that allows you to speak to the prospect only about what actually interests them. It upgrades your prospecting efforts from the “smile and dial” cold calling that can be so unproductive to identifying your prospects’ real needs that lead to insightful conversations, moving them toward the buying decisions they want to make.


Sales intelligence tools overview


In the above overview, you can see some of the leading solutions available in this category and what kind of information they provide to help you understand your prospects’ needs and close sales faster. For more detail on these options, visit and you’ll see additional information on functionality and what makes each unique.




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