Need a Salesforce Administrator? Rent-An-Admin!
Need a Salesforce Administrator? Rent-An-Admin!

Need a Salesforce Administrator? Rent-An-Admin!

Need a Salesforce Administrator?  Now you can get Salesforce help when and how you need it with Blytheco’s Rent-An-Admin Program!

You’ve Implemented Salesforce.  Now what?!

You set your sites on purchasing Salesforce for your organization.  Then you climbed up the steep mountain that’s implementation and now you’ve reached the summit: all systems are a go!  But is it all downhill from there?

The day to day management of a new CRM system encompasses continual training, developing customizations, implementing new applications, and maintaining your company processes.

Sound like a full-time job? That’s because it is.  Do you have adequate staff who can be dedicated to maintaining your CRM?

Many companies at this point would begin considering hiring  a full-time Salesforce Admin or overburden an existing employee with additional responsibilities.  But is either option the best for you?  The average salary for a full-time Salesforce Admin is $62K plus benefits and bonuses.  Tasking an existing team member could mean some important projects slip through the cracks.  Could there be a better option?

We think so.

Introducing Blytheco’s Rent-an-Admin Plan for Salesforce

Now you can get the dedicated Salesforce help you need without the time and expense involved with Salesforce administratoronboarding a new hire.  Contracting a certified Salesforce consultant (or as Blytheco calls it, Renting-An-Admin) delivers high value while maximizing your budget. In comparison to hiring a full-time admin, annual costs are low, and you get the benefit of having full support for your CRM system.

With the Blytheco’s Rent-An-Admin program, you determine how many set number of consulting hours you will use per month.  That time will be dedicated to administering, developing, or maintaining you CRM. It’s the hassle-free way of bridging in office users and deploying a customization that is tailored to your business needs.

Your Projects, Your Way.

You can determine how  your monthly hours will be used. The options are limitless! You can use your plan as a way to manage data integrity or to have custom reporting developed.   You can stay on top of monthly housekeeping items and avoid headaches of piled up work down the line. Most importantly, you will have dedicated focus on the projects which are most important to your organization.

But I already have a Salesforce Admin.

Even if you already have a Salesforce Administrator, our Rent-an-Admin program can still be beneficial to your organization.  If that person also administrates other software or has other responsibilities, you can use your Rent-an-Admin hours to have dedicated focus on Salesforce action items.  Your improved efficiency will prove the value of your ROI.

Rent your Admin today and let Blytheco become an extension of your team! Our goal is to achieve your CRM dreams and provide the best possible service to ensure that your system is state of the art.

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