How Companies Use Salesforce as a Customer Service Tool
How To Use Salesforce as a Customer Service Tool

How To Use Salesforce as a Customer Service Tool

By Patrice Ruane and Rachael Folsom


There is no shortage of software tools in the marketplace for sales and customer service teams.  Among the most popular is Salesforce.  If you are considering making a switch, a quick Google search can put a tremendous amount of information right at your fingertips.  You can take a deep dive into the “information overload” pool by reading feature comparison lists, watching video demos, taking guided tours of the software, case studies and much more.

There is, however, one burning question this plethora of information can’t answer for you: “Will this software help MY business?”  New tech is always exciting, but the manufacture’s marketing materials can’t show you exactly how it will fit your unique situation.  It is hard to tell from a few video clips if Salesforce will become an essential “third limb” for your business, or if it will collect virtual dust sitting in the cloud, underutilized.

Sometimes, knowing how other businesses are using a particular tool can give you insight as to how it might work for your team.  According to Rachael Folsom, a Salesforce expert, there are at least four common customer service situations where clients successfully use Salesforce as a solution.  See if some of their challenges are similar to your own.


“I’m on the road and can’t access my laptop.  But one of my clients is having a problem and needs help now.  I don’t want to have to ask them to wait until tomorrow for an answer.”

There is no need to let being on the road stop you from providing excellent customer support.  With Salesforce’s Salesforce Customer Servicemobile app, you can access real-time client information anywhere, anytime!  The Lightning Console consolidates the most important information into one dashboard (no multi-tab views or switching necessary).  It helps narrow the view – a big plus when you need to find answers quickly.

When conducting onsite visits, your team members don’t have to return to the home office to deliver actionable next steps.  Salesforce’s mobile app empowers you to monitor performance, create work orders, dispatch technicians and more on the spot, plus gain the client’s quick signoff.


“I have a customer with a do-it-yourself business ethic; they are independent and like solving problems on their own.  I want to support their company culture and give them the tools they want so they can learn about their system.”

Salesforce has a robust Self-Service Community, which includes discussion forums, articles and FAQs.  Customers using the Self-Service Community can interact with other Salesforce users, allowing them to trade tips and tricks, ask questions and share their experiences.  As a bonus for you, when your user base is active and engaged on the Salesforce Self-Service Community, it allows your team members to focus on the most complex and difficult issues only your company can handle.


“When my customers call in for help, sometimes it takes a while for them to get connected to the right person and have their questions answered.  My high profile customers end up frustrated and angry.”

It’s easy to make all your clients feel like they are receiving VIP treatment!  Salesforce’s Omni Routing Queue helps ensure that all incoming cases get routed quickly to the appropriate agent.  Urgent cases get prioritized so that critical customer issues are addressed immediately.


“My customer has a simple question, but they don’t have time to sit on hold or search through the Knowledge Base.” 

Customer serviceSalesforce has a Live Chat feature for your website that will give your customers immediate access to an agent who can provide answers quickly.  It enables personalized interaction and helps you resolve minor issues quickly so you can get back to serving your other clients’ bigger issues.  With Salesforce, you can also offer live video support, screen sharing and on-screen guided assistance, giving you a wide range of up to the minute tools to help solve customer questions.


No two companies are alike, so the customer service challenges you need to solve may have some differences.  But hopefully exploring the top ways other companies are using Salesforce as a customer service tool has brought you one step closer to a decision.  Salesforce is highly adaptable to a variety of companies in diverse industries.  It can help your business be the best advocate for your clients and make them feel like they are receiving a luxury experience from you.


About the Authors

Patrice Ruane is Blytheco’s Proposal Analyst. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and has over ten years of business writing experience, focusing on business development, sales and proposals. Connect with her on LinkedIn:

Rachael Folsom is a Certified Developer, Certified Administrator, and Certified Advanced Administrator and spent three years with Salesforce, in roles including Account Support Representative, Product Coordinator, and Data Analyst.

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