Salesforce Einstein: Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Your CRM
Salesforce Einstein: AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Action

Salesforce Einstein: AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Action

Einstein is here and ready to drive your Salesforce AI (Artificial Intelligence).

“Imagination is more important than knowledge,” Albert Einstein. “You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve,” Mark Benioff.

artificial intellegenceMeet Einstein!

Salesforce has been recognized as the most innovative companies by Forbes in 2016 and Einstein is the newest kid on the Salesforce block. As a leader of innovation, it should come as no surprise that they are the first to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) into the CRM world.

How Einstein works.
Think of how Facebook is able to auto-tag photos to who is photographed within then. And now recall how when you’re shopping online you’ll often see “things you might like,” that’s an example of predictive scoring. Einstein and artificial intelligence works similarly. Predictive-scoring is able to review all the leading scores that have been converted into “won opportunities.” Einstein is never done learning. He is able to self-tune and become smarter based on every action and piece of data he comes across.

Where Einstein lives.
Einstein travels from cloud to cloud. By that we mean, Einstein can live in the:
– Sales Cloud
– Service Cloud
– Marketing & Analytics Cloud
– Community Cloud
– IoT Cloud
– App Cloud

What Einstein can do.
Einstein is an advanced machine that learns, predicts, analyzes, and uncovers next steps for your Sales team to take. salesforce einstein artificial intelligenceIn layman’s terms, Einstein can draft an email, take notes while you’re on the call, and can even detect the undertone of a customer to gauge their interest level on what you’re selling. Not only can Einstein predict future behavior, but he can proactively recommend next tasks and actions for your sales team to take.

How you can adopt Einstein.
Einstein is still in infancy, so more details are yet to come. It is important to mention that for Einstein, you must be using Salesforce Lightning.
Salesforce Einstein provides smarter and more personalized ways for companies to deliver customer experiences. Stay tuned for more Einstein information to see how you too can implement artificial intelligence into your Salesforce platform.

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