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Is Your Salesforce Performing The Way You Need It To?

Is Your Salesforce Performing The Way You Need It To?

Today’s companies rely on a variety of software to manage just about every aspect of their business.  But many smaller companies do not use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Marketing Automation, or HCM (Human Capital Management) software.  They instead rely on email and spreadsheets to track important information about their customers and sales process.

Does this sound familiar?

While it may serve a purpose for a while, it isn’t ideal for a business that is looking to scale and grow.


The Benefits of Using Software Solutions

An ERP allow you the ability to gain deep insights into the financial wellbeing of your company with the benefits of automation. Think better workflow, less manpower. A CRM puts all your critical customer information in one place.  A good CRM will also help you gain key insights into your business.  You can then take what you’ve learned to help strategically plan your next steps for continued growth.

You might be saying, “That sounds great but I’ve purchased software before that didn’t live up to the fanfare!”

This happens often, especially with popular software like Salesforce.

What we’ve discovered is that while the company may have purchased a great software, it is often not configured in a way that is optimal for that unique business. We often hear from our clients that there are gaps in their business processes that their solutions don’t fill. Additionally, they may not even know that a process they have in place in their organization could be mirrored inside their Salesforce solution for greater efficiency.

We usually uncover issues like these when we conduct a Business Process Optimization (BPO) for them.


Get More From Salesforce with the Right Process

In a BPO session, we are able to pin-point many of the root causes of your software challenges by conducting an in-depth interview with your key team members. We are usually able to identify ways you can automate processes and reduce manual entry.  Our BPOs ultimately produce real solutions that save our clients time and money.  In addition to reviewing your current processes, we can make recommendations or provide feedback on how to improve those processes and even add functionality around more structure in your organization.

So let’s say you want to maximize your Salesforce experience.  Maybe you think your sales team is doing great… but are they really?  Joe is ALWAYS closing deals, but Jane is struggling.  We can help you review what Joe does to close those deals and create a model for other sales members to follow.  Once you optimize your Salesforce to implement best practices inside your CRM, all your team members will be encouraged to consistently follow a winning process.  You may find Jane never knew she was missing a critical step in her process in getting a customer to say “YES!”  By providing the sales path in Salesforce, all your team members will be on the same playing field to close more business.

What about those forecasts for May?  Pulling together a spreadsheet to show what each sales rep has in their pipeline can be a very tedious task, not to mention, inefficient.  Why not have a dashboard in Salesforce that gives you a snapshot of this information?  Furthermore, why not have a report created and emailed to you directly every Monday morning for you to review?  That would certainly simplify and speed up trend spotting and decision making.

While the examples I have provided are very basic, every organization is different.  One process may be perfect for company A, but cause significant challenges for company B.  Blytheco looks at each scenario separately and recommends the best process for YOUR organization. The fun and creativity begins with the more challenging and complex scenarios.  This begins to draw on our breadth of experience at Blytheco.


Start Optimizing Your Saleforce Experience Today

When you allow us to conduct a Business Process Optimization for your company, You’ll receive a Summary of Findings document.  This document is more of a blueprint for your organization.  We provide feedback and recommendations on what can be improved or how to solve a pain point.


What you get with your complimentary BPO:

  • Process Analysis
  • The Summary of Findings document. This is for you to review and decide if you want to move forward with our recommendations. You can determine what items are a priority and your time frame for completing them.
  • Feedback on items to improve your process outside of the solution
  • Recommendations on what should be improved and changed in the software solution

If you feel you could be getting more out of Salesforce, schedule your complimentary BPO with me today and I’ll show you exactly how you can have the software experience of your dreams!



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