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Salesforce Winter 2018 Release

Salesforce Winter ’18 release is here!

Whether you have experienced the release in your Salesforce organization or have read up on other features, there is no escaping it.  This release is packed full of new features with many in the Lightning Experience (LEX).  I have pulled in some highlights below, but if you would like to read all 612 pages, click on the following link Release Notes Winter ’18.

To start, if your org has not received the release yet, you can always check the Salesforce Trust System Status page to view when your org is scheduled.  Be sure to check your domain id in your browser address bar, in this case the id is “cs12”.


If by chance, you have a custom domain, not to worry.  Simply click on “My Domain” in the upper right-hand area of the page.  Once you click, you will receive the following dialog box.

Type in your domain name and click on search.  The screen will show you “XXXX” lives on “XXXX” below the search area. Close the dialog box and look for your org id.

New Features

Collaborative Forecasting

This feature is great as it provides better visibility and predictably into the sales cycle.  From the beginning of the pipeline to the closed sale.  Forecasting can be set up to pull in one or multiple opportunities.  This feature is available both in Classic and Lightning.  Keep in mind, if you choose to use Collaborative Forecasting, you must disable Customizable Forecasting.  Sales Managers have the ability to view their entire team or just one sales rep.  With different forecast types, date ranges, rollup methods, and more to have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Trigger processes with platform events

Now you can create processes based upon platform events, not just on a record being changed in Salesforce.  I like the simple process Salesforce has put out, but you can use the process for any number of events.   Salesforce used the scenario of your printer supplies based upon your printer status.  With this event, you can (1) update the printer count, (2) order ink, or (3) order paper.  You can see from the diagram to the left, how this process would execute.

Lead Conversion

Saving time leads to more productivity.  This is especially true in Sales.  With Winter ’18, you now have more options when converting a lead, which can save you valuable time.  While this is only available in Lightning experience, it may give your organization more reasons to review making that leap from Classic.  When your sales reps convert a lead, they will have the option to create new or existing accounts, contacts, or opportunities as shown in the screen below. At the same time, they will also be able to change the status and record owner all from one screen! Apex Lead Convert must be enabled in your org to see the new conversion window.  If you are using the old lead conversion, you will continue to see the same window as in previous releases. How’s that for being more efficient?

Calendar Sharing

Another notable feature rolled out in Winter ’18 is sharing calendars with your colleagues.  This is great if you have a Sales rep who needs to pull in an Engineer to assist on those complex deals. Now they will be able to check availability and close those deals faster.  Depending on the users’ access, they can add directly to another calendar, see only availability or down to the details of an appointment.


Who doesn’t love macros!  This feature again is only available in Lightning Experience.  For those familiar with macros, they can be your best friend.  If you are not familiar, you will soon love them too.  Macros will save you time and in some cases manual entry, depending on what how the macro is set up.  Currently macros are available for the Service and Sales Consoles with cases, contacts, leads, and custom objects only. An example would be in the Service Console; your agent is working on a case and the case is a common issue such as “Need password reset”.  Your agent could then select the appropriate macro triggering it to update the case status, send out a canned email with the reset instructions, and create a follow up task without have to go through all the screens and steps one by one. This not only provides a more efficient process, but it also helps in getting to your next customer in record time!


Just as in text messages, emojis have made it into the business world.  Now you can add a splash of pumpkins  to your chatter post or wish a colleague a  happy birthday  .  The possibilities are endless and adds some fun to a crazy day. The available emojis are based upon your host operating system.  You can go to to view the list for each OS.  Start thinking of ways to incorporate emojis into your next chatter post!

Chart Enhancements for Reports and Dashboards in Lightning Experience

Last but certainly not least, are enhancements to the reports and dashboards in Lightning Experience.  The displayed groups in dashboards has been increased from 200 to 500 for line charts and bar charts.  However, all other charts are still at 200 lines.  Dashboard components for horizontal bar and stacked horizontal bar charts can display four measures now.  While you can continue to display two groups or two measures, you cannot display both at once.  There are several more great enhancements to reports and dashboards.  For a full list, visit the Winter ’18 Release Notes for Chart Enhancements

As always, if you have any questions regarding Salesforce or any of the CRM or ERP solutions which Blytheco supports, please contact us at (949) 583-9500 or

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