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Social Business Benchmark Survey Results are Finally Here!

Social Business Benchmark Survey Results are Finally Here!

Here at Blytheco, particularly in the Marketing Department, we like to consider ourselves “early adopters” when it comes to technological trends. As long as they are useful and can help us accomplish our goals, we’re all for exploring the possibilities.

So when it came to social media – we have been actively involved in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and anything else we can get our hands on for a couple of years now.

But when we reached out to make social connections with our customers, they weren’t there yet. We were perplexed – what was stopping them from making use of online social tools to spread the word about their companies or products?

In June, we launched the Blytheco Social Business Benchmarking Survey to dig more deeply into how companies are approaching social media. Using Zoomerang, we created online surveys for various functional roles within a company (IT, HR, Execs, Accountants, etc.) and asked questions about their approach to social media and mobile technologies, as well as questions about their ideas about the economy and the business environment as a whole.

Over the next week or so, I’ll be doing blog posts with our findings from the survey. And we’ll be publishing a full report (downloadable from our website) very soon. So stay tuned and see what we turn up!

If you just can’t wait, you can see the online results here:

HR survey

Executive survey

Marketing survey

Sales survey

IT survey

Customer Service survey

Accounting survey

AND…a big congratulations to Sean Norton from Great Western Leasing and Sales – he is the winner of an iPad as a result of our random drawing of survey participants.

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