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Software Financing Savings: Why Paying Cash Upfront for ERP Isn’t Always A Good Investment

Software Financing Savings: Why Paying Cash Upfront for ERP Isn’t Always A Good Investment

By Mika Carter

From planning out new products to organizing the production process to coordinating marketing campaigns, enterprise resource planning, or ERP, affects virtually all aspects of your business. With so many essential operations at stake, it is critical for you to obtain quality enterprise resource planning software. While many companies still buy these programs outright, software leasing provides access to the same quality products without the high cost of ownership. Leasing is likely your best option for ERP financing if:

Your Company is Highly Complex

Simple companies have simple resource planning needs, meaning that the age and quality of the ERP software they use makes little difference to their bottom line. But the more complex your operations are, the greater the benefit to using the latest ERP products. This makes it essential that you take advantage of software updates as soon as they occur, but keeping track of such updates isn’t easy, especially if your firm doesn’t specialize in technology.

ERP software leasing simplifies the update process. Leasing also lets you avoid paying for software that becomes outmoded, ensuring that every cent you invest benefits your company.

You’re Juggling Multiple Ventures

The secret to success in business is to take advantage of every opportunity for cutting costs and raising revenues as soon as it arises. Yet doing so often requires considerable upfront spending, whether to buy more equipment, enhance your advertising, or hire new personnel. Making these investments is difficult if you’ve sunk all your money into an expensive ERP program.

ERP software financing leaves you with plenty of cash on hand. This makes it easy to invest in new ventures as soon as you identify them, ensuring that you never miss a chance to make your business better.

You Foresee Fast Expansion

The bigger your ambitions and quicker you expect to achieve them, the better it is to opt for ERP software leasing rather than purchasing. Different ERP programs are suited to businesses of different sizes, and a product that serves you well with 10 employees and $200,000 in revenue may not be able to handle a staff of 100 and $5 million. Software leasing makes it easier to expand your digital capabilities in tandem with your company. Your business will therefore be more scalable, lowering the cost and increasing the speed of growth.

Dimension Funding offers software leasing for ERP applications and a wide variety of other products. We tailor our service to the unique needs of your company, finding both programs and payment structures that suit you specifically. To learn more or start your next lease, contact us today.

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