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Business Advice and Resources for Start-Ups

Business Advice and Resources for Start-Ups

One of my professional passions is seeing start-ups bloom into mature, healthy, and profitable companies.  Recently, I was scrolling through Quora and came across an interesting question:

“I am a non-technical founder starting an eCommerce site with minimal experience in this field. Should I join an accelerator?”

I answered the question on the site, but since Blytheco advises start-ups and mature businesses looking for ways to reinvent themselves, I thought others might be interested in the answer.  So here’s what I shared:

As a non-technical founder, you have a lot of options for getting assistance in building your business. An accelerator is one way that you can get advice, but it is not your only choice.

Here are some options for getting help building your start-up:

  • Incubators, Accelerators and Angel Investors – How do you know which one is right for you? By doing advice for startupsyour homework. Here is an article from Harvard Business Review (What Startup Accelerators Really Do) that can help you decipher if one of these will be right for your start-up or if you should go another route.
  • Mentoring Groups – In some cases, your best option might be having a personal mentor. These can be paid or non-paid relationships. Sometimes you can get an introduction to someone from your network that can assist you with developing your company from a mentoring standpoint. You can use an organization like 500 Mentors (Mentors) to find the right person for your business.
  • Advisory Board – It is often customary for start-ups to develop an advisory council. These can be paid or non-paid relationships. Sometimes they can be given shares for their contribution to your organization. If you are looking to fill a board of directors, you may want to get help from an organization like ExecRank – (ExecRank – Where Opportunity Connects With Leading Executives).

All of these are viable options for you. Ultimately, only you can decide which one is right for your business. Best of luck!

Do you have more specific business questions or would like some guidance on your growth strategy?  Learn more about Blytheco and how we can help you, then contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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