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The Month of Love: Featuring Executive Presentations

As you might have heard, we’ve been doing a month-long contest in honor of love and Valentine’s Day. One week, a list of people were asked to take a survey. Last week, we asked you guys to post your favorite company love song on our facebook page (TODAY’S THE LAST DAY BTW). Tomorrow you’ll need to begin using the #BlythecoLove hashtag. Fun fun!

Of the companies that were surveyed, many provided some really great responses. Today we’re honoring Executive Partners who really appreciates showing the love to their clients and employees. For EP, it’s all about praise. They make sure they’re customers are appreciated by often running congratulatory ads in major publications and they even go as far as to send a framed copy to memorialize the client’s commitment and success.

Apparently, the key to their employees’ hearts is pizza. Susan Campbell at EP says that weekly pizza parties help keep up efficacy but random gifts and bonuses don’t hurt either.

Since 1986, Executive Presentations has provided Southern California’s top lawyers with powerful and effective courtroom presentations. Their consultants analyze cases and help to determine the best way to break down even the most complex information into concise exhibits that the jury will understand and remember.

EP has extensive experience producing everything from simple black-and-white document blow-ups to professionally designed full-color graphic boards, to three-dimensional animations/recreations, to DVD-quality persuasive video documentaries.

To follow Executive Presentations and show them the love, follow them on Twitter.


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