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The Must Haves for Modern ERP

A 2011 Mint Jutras ERP Selection Survey indicated that 62% of businesses with ERP installed are STILL USING the first solution ever implemented in the company. Many of these purchases were brought on by the rush to support Y2K implications.

The business environment has changed since the late 1990s, and many businesses are now considering a new generation of solutions and functions.

But why? What can you get in a modern ERP solution that you don’t have in a legacy system?

Just a few of the benefits of a modern system include:

They enable growth, improve business agility and optimize IT resources with scalable, low-maintenance architecture. That might mean the Cloud for some, or just more sophisticated current technology in an on-premise deployment.

They allow users to get real-time information for faster, flexible, more accurate decision-making and performance improvement with business intelligence. New solutions also push the power of analytics to end-users, empowering them with the information they need to do their jobs effectively, without the need for IT support for report generation.

They provide alignment of business teams, the ability to serve customers more collaboratively, and automation across functional areas with end-to-end automation, combining the power of ERP with CRM to get the customer at the center of the business. They accomplish this with integration from the ground up, not via add-on solutions.

You can read the Top Ten Checklist of Modern ERP here – is it time to consider how your business might achieve more with a modern solution?

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