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The Top Pressures in Food and Beverage

As food and beverage manufacturers struggle to manage demand and stay ahead of the competition, they confront challenges unique to their industry.

While they deal with a lot of the same requirements as other manufacturers, they also manage raw materials and finished goods that can go bad, and are subject to stringent regulations and compliance demands from government, industry, and their own customers.

A new infographic from Sage and The Aberdeen Group brings these pressures to light, including:

  • Decreasing/unpredictable demand
  • Market perception of your organization/competitors
  • Inadequate business systems
  • Serious risk to brand perception when products are compromised
  • Competition and low margins
  • Lack of full understanding of production, labor and supply costs means profitability is hard to measure
  • Compliance requirements with FSMA and customer audit

Click the image to view the full infographic

How are companies solving these pressures?

The strategies to help manage these pressures reported by Aberdeen’s study respondents include standardizing processes and modernizing technology via ERP solutions.

How does ERP help streamline critical processes? For one example, check out our 13-minute demo video that shows exactly how an FDA recall plays out in Sage ERP X3. You’ll see how effective ERP can speed response times, improve visibility of information across the company, and minimize the risk and costs of recalls.

Or sign up for our new webinar series “Comparing ERP for Food Processors”. We’ll be taking a look at the leading systems for food companies – Sage ERP X3, Syspro, and Infor, and finding out where they fit best. Sign up to the right, or learn more here.

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