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The Top Ten People to Follow for Social Human Resources

The Top Ten People to Follow for Social Human Resources

1. The Cynical Girl

Hilarious, and authoritative, Laurie Reuttimann has over a decade of HR experience with Fortune 500 companies. She approaches career and HR advice with humor, irreverence, and cats.

2. The Social Workplace

Elizabeth is a speaker and influencer on improving employee engagement and business productivity through the use of social technology. Her insights are clear, credible, and inspiring.

3. Think

Employment law updates, HR news, and career and employer advice are just a few of the topics tackled on the wide-ranging Blytheco blog. Business tools, tips, events, and news, plus fun stuff from a diverse crew of writers.

4. Pamela Ross

Canadian speaker and consultant Pam Ross weaves together operations and human resources to get people engaged and help companies improve bottom lines.

5. The Grindstone

Exploring the world of work for modern women, The Grindstone specializes in asking (and answering) those workplace questions that we’d all be afraid to ask.

6. Curtis Midkiff

THE Twitter resource for SHRM’s Annual Conference, Midkiff is the Director of Social Engagement for SHRM.

7. HR Fishbowl

The blog and feed of HR Exec Charlie Judy takes a ranting, raving, and compelling back-to-basics approach to workplace management.

8. Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Trends, news, issues, and media from one of the nation’s leading outplacement companies. A must-follow.

9. Marcus Buckingham

Author and consultant Marcus Buckingham gives leadership and strength development advice and thought leadership.

10. Evil HR Lady

Suzanne Lucas tackles tricky HR questions on her widely-read blog.

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