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The Top Ten Questions about bly:Mobile, the Mobile App for Sage 100 ERP

Wow, we are getting tons of inquiries about bly:Mobile, the mobile app for Sage 100 ERP. It’s clear that mobility is here to stay, and bly:Mobile is an easy, cost-effective way to get your team the benefits of mobile (like productivity!) very quickly.

So what are the burning questions that people are asking us about bly:Mobile. I thought you’d never ask.

What is the price?

The price of bly:Mobile is based on user count. You can find the pricing here.

Is it an app?

blyMobile isn’t really an “app” as it’s not loaded onto the smartphone, it’s installed on the server at your office and it will view Sage 100 over a web browser.

Does it support Android/Galaxy, custom UDFs, Macs?


Does bly:Mobile support MAS 200 SQL?

It does NOT support MAS 200 SQL at this time.

What browsers are supported?

bly:Mobile supports most browsers as long as you use one of the two most recent versions of the browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

If bly:Mobile users are connecting directly in to our server I am assuming we would need to have the necessary firewalls setup?

There is a separate web server piece which can be installed either on the same server as Sage 100 or on a different server. The firewall needs to be configured to allow outside access to the web server and internal access between the web server and the Sage 100 server.

Can a separate server be used for the bly:Mobile application?

Your bly:Mobile should be running on the same server as your Sage 100.

What are the recommended hardware specifications for bly:Mobile?

You can find complete hardware/technical requirements on the Wiki.

When using bly:Mobile, where does all of the information connect / sync? Is it in the cloud, on our current server?

bly:Mobile makes all changes in real time directly on the MAS server.

Can I try it?

Yes – try it on your own phone, iPad, or browser by using our demo.

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