5 Signs It's Time to Invest in HR Management Software
5 Signs It’s Time to Invest in HR Management Software

5 Signs It’s Time to Invest in HR Management Software

Even though it is 2017, not every company is using HR Management software in their business.  My team and I frequently speak with companies who may have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system but still try manage their HR data with Excel spreadsheets and/or a paper filing system.

If your company has not made an investment in an HR management software system yet, 2017 might be the best time to get streamlined.  If your HR department is suffering from one or more of these symptoms, it may be a sure sign that you are ready for the next step.

Sign #1 – You Have Inconsistent or Missing Employee Info.

Do you or your team members try to access employee data only to discover that some information is missing… or worse, Missing Informationincorrect?  How about when information is mislabeled or even misfiled (if using a paper-based system)? Minor details like these can be easily overlooked when various team members have access to HR records and don’t follow standardized data recording protocols.  But it can become a major issue at the most inopportune times.

How an HR Management Software System Can Help

With an HR Management software system in place, all your team members can be trained on standardized data input.  It will be easy to spot incorrect, incomplete, or missing information.  As a backup, you can require fields to be completed in the system or set alerts to signal when information is missing from certain records so that you can update it before a critical issue develops.

Sign #2 – You Do Not Have Easy, Centralized Access to Important Data.

Trying to find data on a spreadsheet with hundreds of columns or rows is a nightmare, no matter how much you use the hide, filter and scrolling lock functions.  And when you are managing critical information on multiple spreadsheets, the frustration doesn’t seem to end.  Trying to complete compliance paperwork or compile a report is a time-consuming nightmare.

How an HR Management Software System Can Help

HR personnel are notoriously busy people so why add more time to your day?  With an implemented HR software system, all the information you need is housed in one place.  Most software will allow you to customize your dashboard so that information you access frequently can be right at eye level as soon as you open the program.  A key result we strive for in all of our implementations is to deliver a system that allows users to easily extract and share information with those in the organization that need it to make thoughtful, educated decisions.

Sign #3 – You Are Unable to Control Access to Certain Data.

data securityData security concerns are at an all-time high for HR professionals.  You have to worry about everything from HIPPA, EEOC, ACA and an acronym stew full of other compliance issues.  There is only so much security a lock and key can provide to a file cabinet housing paper records.  Additionally, a spreadsheet can easily be emailed to the wrong person by accident.

How an HR Management Software System Can Help

Having an HR Software solution can give you the ability to set administrative permission levels for all users.  While logged in under their own credentials, users can only see the information they have clearance for.

Sign #4 – You Can See the Data… But What About a History?

Having the correct and up-to-date information on your employees is critical.  But what if you need to research historical information such as past salary or a previous address?  It is challenging to keep track of data changes in a monster spreadsheet that has tons of columns and rows.

How an HR Management Software System Can Help

With your data digitally archived inside an HR Management system,  it is easy to go back to past iterations of data so you can chart history and even analyze trends.  Many of our customers often reference the ability to create and view employee history as a key benefit of transitioning to an HR Management system.

Sign #5 – Completing Compliance Reports are a Manual, Error Prone Nightmare.

Compiling information for reports manually is a tedious and time-consuming task.  If you have to do these by hand drowning in paperworkor even by typing into a Word or PDF document, errors are bound to happen, especially if you have many reports to complete.  And this doesn’t take into account stopping to hunt down incomplete information!

How an HR Management Software System Can Help

Almost all HR Management systems come ready to assist you with common reporting and IRS filing needs.  Some programs will even pre-populate the information in the report for you! Just imagine, reports for dozens of employees being completed in a matter of seconds, all by pushing the “enter” button!

As you can see, implementing an HR management software system can bring many time-saving benefits to your company.  Instead of being tied down with frustrating, transactional tasks, your HR team can be deployed to work on more strategic initiatives that help move your business forward.

If you have not yet chosen an HR system for your company, talk to us!  We will help uncover your business needs, understand your procedures, see where there are opportunities for grown and recommend the software solution that will best fit you… even if it isn’t a product that we represent. We truly want to help you!  To get started, simply email us at HRSolutions@Blytheco.com or give us a call at 949-583-9500 x2500.

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