Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Features That Will Make You Want to Switch!
Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Features That Will Make You Want To Switch!

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Features That Will Make You Want To Switch!

You already know how awesome Salesforce is.  So you’ve probably heard about Salesforce Lightning in recent months.  If you’ve been wondering if it’s possible for the program to be even more amazing, the answer is, “uh, have you heard of Lightning?”  Sure, Salesforce Classic is comfortable and you already know the ins and outs of what works for your company.  But there is so much more that Lightning can offer you. We think these top 10 Salesforce Lightning Features will have you wanting to make the switch!

1. Always Have the Latest Version

Salesforce has been around for 16 years and has shaped the cloud CRM culture. With Lightning, not only will you have the most advanced look and feel, but Salesforce Lightning also comes with three automatic updates per year, so you’ll always have the latest version.

2. Opportunity Kanban, Quarterly Performance Chart & More

You will sell easier with Lightning. You’ll have 55 new pages in Sales Cloud,plus 150 additional new features. The Lightning dashboard makes spotting opportunities easy with Opportunity Kanban.  Your productivity will increase as you drive your business forward with new tools such as the Quarterly Performance Chart, Assistant, Opportunity Workspace, and with Custom Dashboards.

3. Lightning Voice Lets You Be HeardSalesforce Features

With Lightning Voice, you can initiate calls to your contacts from within Sales Cloud. You can even make notes inside the program while you’re still on the call.  And they are automatically saved to the right record! Talk about a time saver!

4. Salesforce Quote to Cash

See your money faster with Salesforce’ Quote to Cash.  Formerly Steelbrick CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), you’ll be able to generate quotes quickly, get approvals, generate proposals, and even get signatures without having to leave your CRM.

5. Lightning for Outlook

Quit toggling between your inbox and CRM; those precious minutes add up! This integration streamlines your workflow elegantly by automatically syncing contact and calendar information.  It can help with more in-depth tasks like allowing you to update a price quote with Quote to Cash while INSIDE Outlook!  Click here to learn what else you can do without leaving Outlook.

6.  Tablet Friendly

Think mobility. The Salesforce1 Mobile App is known for its’ performance, and now, more so with Lightning. No need to be tied to your desk anymore – take all your CRM data and functionality wherever you go.

7. Kiss Your Developer Good-bye

Gone are the days of needing a developer… at least for Salesforce Lightning. Lightning Builder makes it easy to adjust Lightning Components to customize your Lightning experience. Simply drag and drop the Components you want and viola! Instant customization. Learn more about how Lightning Components work together in the Lightning Builder.

8.  Apps, Apps, and More Apps

With over 157 apps to choose from, Lightning offers premium user experience customized to your organization. All third-party apps are available for use in the Salesforce Lightning Ready AppExchange. See how you can transform your workflow with The Salesforce free ebook.

9.  Introducing Snap-Ins

Your clients want snappy customer service, so give it to them! With Snap-Ins, you have the ability to integrate sales support or Customer Service support directly into your web page or into your app. Customize your snap-in to deliver world-class customer experience. Learn more about Snap-Ins.

10. Customer Community

With the Lightning Customer Community, companies are able to engage with customers promptly. The new and improved UX promotes customization and allows for more intelligent engagement with their customers. Build unique relationships with the help of the Lightning Customer Community.


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