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Top Apps for Sales, Marketing, and Business Productivity – AND They Work with CRM

CRM doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are lots of well-known and well-loved business apps that work with the cloud and on-premise CRM solutions available to you.

When you combine this super-charged CRM with your existing ERP system, you create a business management platform that gets your teams aligned and focused on putting customers at the center of your business.

Social Media Apps – The ability to access social media accounts and view social media posts and updates from within CRM brings sales and service teams powerful information to create deeper customer relationships. Keeping an eye on what customers are reviewing, posting, and “liking” socially is a great way to understand their needs and motivations, preparing you to offer them products and services that meet their needs where they are. SageCRM and SugarCRM integrate with social media apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to bring the power of social data to your business.

Sales Apps – Keeping salespeople happy and productive is at the heart of CRM. Having collaboration tools like WebEx and GoToMeeting entwined with CRM means they have fewer steps to staying productive. Access to integrated mapping tools like Google Maps means they can instantly find customers or coordinate customer visits more effectively. Customer intelligence apps such as InsideView give salespeople the social and customer data they need to determine a more direct path to the decision-maker and lay the groundwork for warm introductions and better conversations with prospects.

Marketing Apps – Marketers have a huge array of tools today to help them meet their goals and create data-driven campaigns and initiatives to drive new business. CRM works with these tools to bring campaign activity and results to other teams in the business, creating better responsiveness and personalization of sales and service. SageCRM and SugarCRM work with Hubspot, Mailchimp, Pardot, Swiftpage, Marketo, and other marketing automation solutions.

Productivity Apps – It only makes sense that your CRM system should work with your email solution, and leading solutions work with Microsoft Exchange and Google’s apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs. Cloud file storage is a relatively new expectations, but CRM works with Dropbox to streamline document management.

Today’s CRM systems serve as the core of your business and complement what you already use in your company. Get a closer look here, or get a closer look today at Sage CRM and SugarCRM today.

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