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Trends in HR and HR Systems from SHRM 2010

The SHRM 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition: “A New Time for Growth, A New Focus on HR,” San Diego Convention Center, June 27-30, 2010

I was fortunate enough to once again have the privilege to attend SHRM’s annual conference, not just as an attendee but as an exhibitor also. This is exciting for me because I get to experience the conference not just as an HR professional, but also as an exhibitor speaking to the needs of other HR professionals. Being an exhibitor I get to hear feedback from hundreds of HR professionals around the world about what they are facing in today’s environment and the solutions they are seeking to meet those needs.

SHRM did an excellent job with this year’s conference and exposition. I heard that sentiment echoed throughout the entire conference by attendees and exhibitors alike. Conference sessions were relevant and well coordinated and the exposition floor was setup in a way that created interest and allowed the ability for attendees to flow through exhibits easily.

As an attendee there were definite trends. Change in our economic client and the challenge / opportunities that creates for employers continues to be a focus, including areas such as employee and leadership engagement and morale building in a down market. Social media was another heavily focused area ranging from policies and procedures, employee engagement, recruiting and everything in between. Global human resources as an emerging topic continues to advance on the scene, which I find particularly exciting!

As an exhibitor we noticed some very defined trends as well. Many individuals shared that their organizations were still running very lean from a budget perspective. However, it was very encouraging to see that many more were actively looking to invest in their HR departments with technology and other HR specific resources. Global human resources continued to be a theme even on the exposition floor with many individuals inquiring about global human resource information systems (HRIS). What was interesting was how many small and mid-sized businesses were inquiring about multi-currency payroll and HRIS applications. I continue to see this trend rising year by year at conference. In the area of HR technology we had three primary trends this year for the individuals that stopped by our exhibit. The first was a complete HRIS, the second was time and collection that could interface into their current payroll applications and the third was performance management applications. Blytheco was very excited to be able to demonstrate the Sage Abra solution with the recently released brand spanking new user interface! Sage has done an excellent job of updating the look, feel, navigation and functionality of Abra. Sage continues to build on that work with more enhancements due out before the end of 2010. Very exciting times for Abra HRIS and the feedback at SHRM was that our customers felt the same way.

It is always great to be able to meet up with my fellow colleagues, our customers and potential new clients at SHRM, this year was no exception. I hope you enjoyed your conference experience as much as I did and I look forward to seeing you all next year in Las Vegas!

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