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Turning challenge into opportunity in Human Resources

Our Director of HR and HRMS Sales Support Donna Baeza has been busy this week finding opportunity for HR professionals where some see challenges. In a busy LinkedIn discussion about training and development in an economic downturn, Donna suggests that HR pros think about how they can add value when training budgets go south:

She says: “During economics down turns HR professionals may also have to push themselves to be the source from where that training flows – i.e. research and develop the training and resource tools needed for their teams – instead of relying on vendors to deliver that content – and what a wonderful development opportunity for them!”

What are other opportunities HR pros are finding these days?

The recession has actually driven companies to be more strategic about HR and human capital. In the push to maximize productivity, automate traditional HR functions (payroll, benefits enrollment), and compete in a global economy, the importance of the HR staff as a strategic part of the leadership team has only increased, and will continue to do so. HR staff can distinguish themselves by studying business trends, understand the metrics needed to forecast needs, and embracing technology to help them do their jobs more efficiently.

How is your HR team moving your company forward?

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