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USAA and Trader Joe’s High on NPS Scale

USAA and Trader Joe’s High on NPS Scale

The Net Promoter 2011 U.S. Benchmark Report is out, and if you have yet to uncover the power of Net Promoter Score (NPS) for your business I would recommend Fred Riechheld’s book The Ultimate Question. The press release from Satmetrix goes on to detail the top loyalty leaders in different segments.

The biggest surprise for me in the report was Trader Joe’s. Personally, I am an inadvertent net promoter of Trader Joe’s as I love to shop there and dive into the discounted organic goodness. Satmetrix once suggested that an aggressive company could only expect to improve their NPS about 5 points in a year. This apparently doesn’t apply to Trader Joe’s who increased its score by a whopping 14 points to 82. While this is an incredible feat, Trader Joe’s is not at the very top. That honor goes to USAA who holds the highest ever recorded NPS now at 87.

These companies are both innovators at what they do and are creating a dramatic following in social media and physical visits. Here are a few examples from USAA and Joe’s that might help us all to recreate the customer experience we provide.


Serving you through life.” What a tagline! This conveys commitment and customers like that. No wonder they’re so successful!

Transparency to members. USAA recently released a report that details the successes they’ve had in their practices and which have worked well for their members.

Social Media Maven. They have a phenomenal Facebook page. USAA has managed to turn their Facebook experience into a “one-stop-shop.” ALL of their internet services can be accessed without ever leaving the site. With the recent rage social media, this is a huge plus.

USAA reports that 94% of their members say they plan to retain lifetime membership. Who can say that about their customer base?

Trader Joe’s

Simple, relatable mission backed by an interesting story. For them, it’s all about providing quality and value.

Unique Favorites. Joes’ offers many items that you can’t find anywhere else and some that are even specific to Trader Joe’s stores.

Focus on providing healthy alternatives. Who doesn’t like it when a business looks out for their health with so much dedication?

Low Prices. This one doesn’t really need explaining, but some would call Trader Joe’s ability to sell healthy, organic foods at such a low price magic.

So what did these companies do that drove their great NPS scores? They pleased customers, even if in a specific segment, and WOWed the heck out of them.

Are you a customer of either of these companies? Share your story with us below:

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